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Flavin AP 105 Ch 14

AP 105 week 2 Ch 14 The Heart 2018

Each chamber of the heart is lined by a thin layer of smooth tissue known as the: endocardium
Which of the following is the atrioventricular valve that is located on the left side of the heart? inferior vena cava
Which of the following is on the left side of the heart? systemic circulation
Another common term for a “heart attack” is: myocardial infarction
The “pacemaker” of the heart is the: SA node
The ________wave occurs with depolarization of the atria: P
A variation in heart rate during the breathing cycle is: sinus dysrhythmia
An immediate life-threatening arrhythmia, in which a lack of ventricular pumping stops the flow of blood to vital organs, is: ventricular fibrillation
A general term for disease of the myocardium is: cardiomyopathy
A calcium-channel blocker is a/an: heart medication
Erythrocytes Red Blood Cells
Leukocytes White Blood Cells
Arteries are ________ oxygen rich
Where does the blood pick up oxygen? in the pulmonary vessels
A patient should be aware of what when having their blood tested for cholesterol? Patient education on how food and drinks can alter test results.
CVA means: Stroke
The blood transports: Nutrients, waste, O2, Co2
The RA in the heart is located where? upper portion of the heart
The Left ventricle is location where? lower portion of the heart
The heart specialist is called: Cardiologist
The study of the heart is called: Cardiology
Created by: Iteach4Docs