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Survey of Meridian


Which point of the Bladder meridian is forbidden to used on the pregnant women and yet often used to correct the mal-position of the baby? Bl 67
Which point can be used to treat the stiffness of the neck and upper back, calm the rebellious Lung Qi and all types of syndromes pertaining to the bones? Bl 11 Da Zhu
Which on the following Five-Shu points is the one of the 4 command point to tx LBP and the point to bled to tx the Blood Toxic, clear heat from the head? Bl 40 Wei Zhong
If a patient has pain and soreness of the low back and always having a swelling throughout the body, then which point will be effective in treating these problems? Bl 28 Pang Guan Shu
Following points are used to tx hemorrhoids, but which point can also tx the stiffness and pain of the calf or gastrocnemius muscle? Bl 57 Cheng Shan
According to the theory of the Mother-Son relationship, which point is a point to tonify the deficint Bladder meridian? Bl 67 Zhi Yin
The point located around the Sacrum area can be used to treat________. Syndromes r/t to Gynecology, genitals, Kd Essence Xu, hip pain, Bladder and anal problems
Which point can control both the External Wind, Wei Qi, or Lung Qi, and calm the rebellious Qi? Bl 12
Which one of the following 5 Shu Points can control heat of the head and meridian to treat HA, mental problems and problems of the orifices, stiffness of the meridian including the toe, ankle, knee, hip, spine, and neck? Bl 60
Which comb of the following Back-Shu point is best to treat abnormal sweating, dry skin, cough, skin edema, fatigue, urine problems and chest pain? Bl 13 Fei Shu , Bl 12
If a patient has a pain in the hip area and constipation then which Back-Shu Point will be selected to treat these problems? Bl 25
Which comb. of the following Back-Shu point is best to treat irritability, indigestion, red eyes and pain and distention in the hypochondria area or side? Bl 18, 19
Which point can be used to treat all types of eyes and nose problems, frontal HA due to W-H and twitching of the eyelids? Bl 2
Which one of the following 5 Shu points is known to regulate water to clear heat from the head, meridian to treat occipital HA and problems of the orifices, also has a special fx to aid in digestion? Bl 66
Choosing a point based on the theory of the Shu-point can used to treat the syndromes r/t to the Ears such as deafness due to aging, weak bones and premature graying of hair? Bl 23
Bl 23 can used for all types of syndrome r/t to the Kd, and lower jiao
Which comb. of confluent point can be used to control sleep, posterior aspect of the body, chronic posterior HA, mental problems Sp 4 and Pc 6
Bl 62 does regulates sleeping, calms the mind and emotion, relaxes the muscles and jts of the posterior aspect of the body, clears wind and heat from the head and Brain
Which point of the head is where the Qi of the heaven connected to the Lungs and it can be used to treat all types of syndromes r/t to nose? Bl 7
Which on the Back-Shu point is used to stimulate the Diaphragm to regulate D/D fx and used to treat all types of Blood related syndromes? Bl 17
Bl 60 is one the 5 shu points that treats stiffness of the meridian including the toe, ankle, knee, hip, spine, and neck
Bladder 67 Zhi Yin, Reaching Yin location JW Point. 0.1 cun posterior to the corner of the nail, on the lateral aspect of small toe
Bladder 11 Da Zhu Great Shuttle location Influential point of bone 1.5 cun lateral to Du 13, at the level of the lower margin of the spinous processT1
Bladder 40 Wei Zhong, Entrusting Middle location He Shea Point, Lower He Shea Point for UB, Midpoint of the transverse crease of the popliteal fossa, bw tendons m. biceps femoris and m. semitendinosus
Bladder 28 Pang Guang Shu, Bladder's Shu location 1.5 cun lateral to Du meridian, level with S2
Bladder 57 Cheng Shan, Supporting Mountain location Directly below the belly of m gastrocnemius, about 8 cun below UB 40, the Empircal point for hemorrhoids
JW-Bl 67-YS-Bl 66-SS-Bl 65-JR-Bl 60-HS-Bl 40 Mother of Water is Metal. Bl 67 is the Metal Point, 66 the Water point Mother-->Son Mother tonifies Son, Bladder 67 (Mother point)
Bladder 12 Feng Men, Wind's Gate location Crossing point of DU, 1.5 cun lateral to Du, level with T2
Bladder 13 Fei Shu, Lung Shu location Lung Shu Point, 1.5 lateral to Du 12, level with T3
Bladder 25 Da Chang Shu, Large Intestine Shu location 1.5 cun lateral to Du 3, level with L4
Bladder 52 Zhi Shi, Will's Chamber location 3 cun lateral to Du-4, level with L2
Bladder 23 Shen Shu, Kidney's Shu Kidney Shu Point, 1.5 cun lateral to Du-4, at the level of L2
Sp 4 is located In the depression distal and inferior to the base of the first metatarsal bone, at the junction of the red and white skin.
Pc 6 is located 2 cun above the transverse crease of the wrist, between the tendons of m. palmaris longus and m. flexor carpi radialis.
Bl 62 is located In the depression directly below the external malleolus.
Bl 7 is located 4 cun directly above the midpoint of the anterior hairline and 1.5 cun lateral to the midline.
Created by: Aculinh