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Unit 5, Les 4


a body part that helps an animal survive adaptation
a layer of fat under the skin of some animals that live in cold blubber
animals that are active at night nocturnal
when one living thing imitates another living thing mimicry
go into a deep sleep hibernate
body part adaptations physical adaptation
adaptations that an animal does behavioral adaptation
move from one place to another migrate
blending in with the environment camoflauge
to protect itself from predators defend
large ears on some animals in the desert help the animal stay ____ cool
Plants in the desert have __________ that protect the plant from the hot sun adaptations
Animals in the desert are nocturnal because it is ___ at night cooler
How does a turtle's shell help the animal survive? protect itself from predators
When an animal sleeps in the winter, it is called ________ hibernating
How do trees save water during the winter? losing leaves
A praying mantis on a limb is an example of ___ mimicry
A white fox most likely lives in the ____. arctic
A giraffe's long neck helps an animal get its ____ food
Snake venom, ink from a squid, and skunk spray are all examples of __________ defense chemical
Animals use _____ to get food, survive in its climate, and escape from danger. adaptations
Created by: amy sikes