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Life Sciences Chap 1

All Living Things, Plant & Animal Parts, Classifications

Cell The building blocks of living things
Organism A term for all livings things
Reproduce To make more of one's own kind
Respond To react to the surrounding environment
Environment All living and non-livings things around an organism
Structures Parts
Root The structure of a plant that holds it in place, and absorbs water and nutrients from the soil
Nutrient A substance that helps living things grow and stay healthy
Stem This structure helps hold up a plant and uses tubes to carry water, nutrients, and food to all the parts of the plant
Leaf This structure is where the plant makes food
Photosynthesis The process by which a plant makes its own food using the sun and carbon dioxide
Lung The structure that allows animals to take in oxygen from the air
Gills The structure that allows animals to take in oxygen from the water
Shelter A safe place for an animal
Vertebrate An animal that has a backbone (spine)
Invertebrate An animal that does not have a backbone, or any other bones
Exoskeleton An outer covering that can help protect the body of an invertebrate
Bird An animal with structures such as a beak, wings, and feathers; lays eggs
Reptile An animal with structures such as scaly skin; most lay eggs; breathes with lungs
Amphibian This animal starts as an egg and breathes with gills when hatched; as they get older they develop legs and breath with lungs
Fish This animal has structures such as a tail, fins, and gills
Mammals This animal has structures such as hair or fur, they make milk to feed their babies, and breath with lungs; they are born live (not from eggs)
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