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2016-17 Irondale Human Geography Unit 1 Review

Principal concern of human geography Impact of the environment on human understandings and activities
Common elements of human and physical geography Concern with where things occur and why they occur where they do
Totino Grace is located about 2.2 miles from Irondale Example of relative location
Meridians (lines of longitude) Lines drawn between the North and South Poles
Parallels (lines of latitude) Circles drawn on the globe parallel to the Equator
Cartography The science of making maps
Remote sensing Acquisition of Earth's surface from a satellite or an other long-distance method
GIS (Geographic Information System) Creates specialized maps from digital map information stored in a data bank
GPS (Global Positioning System) Uses satellites to triangulate absolute location on Earth's surface
Using remotely sensed images in a GIS The relationship found between remote sensing and GIS
Site, situation, and toponym Ways in which a geographer can describe a feature's place on Earth
Toponym The name given to a portion of Earth's surface
Site Identifies a place by its unique physical characteristics
Situation Identifies a place by its location relative to other objects
Region An area distinguished by a unique combination of cultural and physical features
Wisconsin, Ramsey County, and School District #621 Examples of formal regions
The South, Up North, and The Midwest Examples of Vernacular (perceptual) regions
Functional region What type of region is represented by the example of as you move closer to the US/Mexico border, English becomes less common and Spanish becomes more common as the spoken language.
Climate, average temperature, the Baptist Church, and lower high school graduation rates Information that people use to define "The South" in the US
Circulation area of newspaper, market area of a Cub Foods supermarket, and the area of dominance of a television station Examples of functional (nodal) regions
Scale The relationship between the portion of Earth being studied and Earth as a whole
The spread of McDonald's around the world Example of economic and cultural globalization
Distribution The arrangement of a feature across Earth's surface
Density, concentration, and pattern Main properties of the distribution of features in space
Density The frequency of something within a given area
Concentration The spread of something over a given area
Space-time compression The concept that distant places on Earth are effectively becoming closer together
Contagious. hierarchical, and stimulus The different forms of expansion diffusion
Distance decay The decrease in the intensity of a cultural trait as the distance increases
Building sky-ways and tunnels in Minnesota to deal with cold temperatures Example of human environment interaction
Possibilism Concept that the physical environment limits human actions but people have the ability to adjust and adapt to the physical environment
Cultural ecology The study of how humans and the environment interact
Environmental determinism The idea that the physical environment determines social development in human societies
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