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Chap 1 Study Guide

Social Studies

How many regions are there in the U.S.? 5
Which region is Louisiana located Southeast
Rivers, mountains, and deserts are examples of _____ landforms
An area that gets very little rain is a ______ desert
The largest canyon in the US is the _____ Grand Canyon
Our nation's capital Washington, D.C.
boundary a line that divides one area from another
Death Valley the hottest area in the US
Mt. McKinley the highest landform in the US is located in Alaska
Weather the condition of the air at a certain time and place
Climate the weather of a place averaged over a long period of time
Precipitation rain, sleet, snow and hail
Temperature how warm or cold a place is
The warmest climates are in places nearest to the equator
The higher the ______, the cooler the temperature. elevation
Tropical climate very warm all year long ex. Hawaii
Polar climate the coldest climate ex. North and South Poles
Natural Resource something in the environment that people can use
Human Resource people who make products or provide services
Capital Resource Tools, machines, money, and factory buildings
Renewable Resource resources can be replaced/recycled
Nonrenewable Resource resources cannot be made again or replaced
Harvested when a crop is grown/ripe, it is cut for use
Service a job that people do for others ex. teachers, firemen, police officers
Recycle a material you can use again ex. saving cans, old newspapers
Conserve use wisely ex. turn off lights when you leave a room
Agriculture another word for farming
Manufacture Make products to sell
Created by: amy sikes