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St NK Egypt Nubia

HSC NK to Tut IV - foreign policy & creation of empire in Nubia

At the end of the MK (Dyn 13) Egypt controlled the area of Nubia down to Second Cataract
Lower Nubia was called Wawat
During the Second Intermediate Period Nubia was ruled by Kush
Which city (& culture) was the Kingdom of Kush centred on during the Second Intermediate Period Kerma
During the Second Intermediate the Egyptians claimed the Nubians had an alliance with who? the Hyksos
Which Egyptian source states that the Nubians had an alliance with Kush during the Second Intermediate period ? Kamose Stela
During the 2nd Intermediate Period a Nubian incursion reached which Egyptian city? el Kab
How far south of Thebes was El Kab ? 80 km
Which tomb provides evidence of the Nubian incursion to el Kab during the 2nd Intermediate Period? Sobeknackt
Which Theban King retook the fortress of Buhen at the Second Cataract Kamose
What did Ahmose the first 18th Dynasty pharaoh build at Buhen Temple
Why did the early NK pharaohs focus on the Nubian Egyptian border first National security
What resources did the early NK pharaohs need from Nubia to help consolidate their control of Egypt ? gold
Name 2 other economic benefits for Egypt in regaining Nubian territory trade & taxes
Name a military benefit for Egypt regaining Nubian territory create buffer zones
Which pharaoh was the first to display "conscious imperialism" in the NK Amenhotep I
To where did Amenhotep I extend Egypt's boundaries Sai, Nubia (between 2nd & 3rd cataracts)
Which source records Amenhotep I's extension of Egypt's southern boundary to Sai ? tomb biography of Ahmose son of Ebana
For which military reason was Nubia focused on before Asia ? closer, more of a threat
Which historian believes early NK imperialism in Nubia was a result of the need to provide an outlet for the ambitions of a newly professional army ? Spalinger
Which religious motive was behind early NK imperialism extend the boundaries of Ma'at, overcoming forces of Isfet (chaos)
How did the cult of Amen benefit from early NK imperialism booty & tribute
How many MK Egyptian fortresses existed at the 2nd Cataract between Buhen & Semna (65 km) ? 11
Where did Tuthmose I extend the border to at the 3rd Cataract? Tombos
Where did Hatshepsut's formulaic claims state Egypt's "southern boundary" was as far as ? Punt
Is there any evidence for Hatshepsut's expansion into Nubia? No
Hatshepsut concentrated on consolidation of her predecessors' expansion in Nubia. True or False? True
Name 2 eyewitnesses of Hatshepsut on campaign in Nubia Ty & Djehuty
Where did Tuthmose III extend the African Empire to ? Napata, 4th Cataract
How far did Tuthmose III claim he reached? Kurgus
Was there any further expansion of the African empire after Tuthmose III ? NO
Which 6 methods of control of Nubia did the Egyptians use? colonisation, acculturation, fortresses/garrisons, civil administration (eg Viceroy/ deputies, local nobility), punishment, propaganda
Under which reign was the position of Viceroy of Kush created ? Tuthmose I
What was the alternative name for Viceroy of Kush ? "King's Son"
Under the Viceroy were 2 Deputies of... Wawat & Kush
How was Nubia considered differently to the later Asian territories ? seen as an extension of Egypt
The African Empire did not pay tribute. What did they pay? taxes
Where did Hatshepsut send a major trade expedition in Africa? Punt
Give 3 possibilities for the location of Punt Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea
How did Hatshepsut's 5 ships reach Punt via the Red Sea
How long does Weeks estimate the return journey would have taken? 1 year
How many years before Hatshepsut had a pharaoh sent an expedition to Punt? 500 years (MK)
Which foreign policy did Gardiner & Wilson see the expedition to Punt representing pacifist policy
Who did Hatshepsut send on the expedition to Punt? army
Who did Hatshepsut claim ordered the expedition to Punt ? Amen-Re
Which important item was brought back for Amen-Re from Punt ? myrrh (incense & live trees)
Where is the expedition to Punt recorded? Hatshepsut's mortuary temple at Deir el Bahari/ Djeser Djeseru, southern portico of 2nd terrace
How many campaigns in Nubia does Redford believe occurred under Hatshepsut ? 4
Over the 22 years of her regency and co-rule, what could only possibly 4 minor campaigns indicate over her consolidation of control over Nubia? well controlled, no major rebellions in Nubia
Evidence suggests she personally led & participated in some African campaigns. True or False true
Created by: Hatshepsut