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Maps and Globes

Geography 7th Grade Mrs. Olivier

the tools of a geographer include maps and globes
what is a globe a round model of the earth
what is a map a flat drawing of all or part of the earth's surface
which is more accurate in terms of shape and size of land and seas (maps or globes) globes
which can show a smaller more detailed area (maps or globes) maps
what type of map shows the features of a place at some time in the past historical maps
which part of a map tells you what information the map is showing the title
which part of the map helps you figure out distance scale bar
which part of the map explains symbols, colors, and lines on the map key/ legend
which part of the map show how far an area's territory or political influence reaches boundary lines
which part of the map is usually symbolized by a star capitals
which part of a map is usually symbolized by a solid circle cities
two of the most common general purpose maps are ________ maps and _________ maps physical and political
what two things do physical maps show landforms and water features
political maps show the ____________ and ____________ ______________ ___________, or ___________ of a place names and political boundary lines or borders
what do we call maps that present specific kinds of information (climate, natural resources, population density) special purpose maps
what are the 7 continents North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Antarctica, Africa, Australia
what are the 5 oceans Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, Southern
imaginary lines that run east to west across the earth and measure distance north and south lines of latitude
which line of latitude is at 0 degrees equator
this line of latitude is located at 23.5 degrees north tropic of cancer
this line of latitude is located at 23.5 degrees south tropic of capricorn
66.5 degrees north is known as ___________ arctic circle
66.5 degrees south is known as ___________ Antarctic circle
imaginary lines that run from north to south and measure distance east and west lines of longitude
which line of longitude is located at 0 degrees prime meridian
extremely important line of longitude located at 180 degrees is what international date line
study world map with continents and oceans cant add pictures-sorry
Created by: dancer2024