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Georgia Geography

Review of Georgia Geography

Appalachian Mountains One of two major mountain chains in the U.S. and Canada. The Appalachia Plateau, Valley and Ridge, and Blue RIdge Mountains regions of GA are part of these
Appalachian Plateau Smallest of Georgia's regions. In the NW corner of the state
Barrier Island This feature protects Georgia's coast from erosion. It is also a place where you can find nature reserves and recreational activities
Blue Ridge Mountains A region of Georgia highest in elevation and precipitation.
Chattahoochee River A major river in Georgia. It forms part of the border between Alabama, Georgia and Florida
Climate the average weather over the course of years when looking at temperature, precipitation, and wind.
North American Continent Georgia is located on this continent
Fall Line The imaginary line separating Georgia's Piedmont and Coastal Plan regions. Stretches 20 miles wide and is home to many waterfalls.
Hemisphere half of a sphere.
Okefenokee Swamp One of the largest freshwater wetlands in North America
Piedmont Region of Georgia characterized by red clay and holds 50 % of the population of the state
Savannah River A major river that serves as the GA-SC border. It is important for shipping because it has deep water and is very wide
Valley and Ridge Region of Georgia with fertile farmland in valleys between ridges
Created by: heatherkirk2014