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Japanese - Verbs

Verbs & Conjugations

desu is
deshita was
dewa arimasen isn't
dewa arimasen deshita wasn't
suru to do (root)
shimasu to do
shimashita to have done
shimasen to not do
shimasen to not have done
shitai to want to do
shitakunai to not want to do
shitakatta to have wanted to do
shitakunakatta to not have wanted to do
shite do (command)
shinakute don't do (command)
shimashou let's do
kuru to come (root)
kimasu to come
kimasen to not come
kimasen deshita to not have come
kimashita to have come
kitai to want to come
kitakunai to not want to come
kitakatta to have wanted to come
kitakunakatta to not have wanted to come
kite come (command)
kinakute don't come (command)
kimashou let's come
taberu to eat (root)
tabemasu to eat
tabemashita to have eaten
tabemasen to not eat
tabemasen deshita to not have eaten
tabetai to want to eat
tabetakunai to not want to eat
tabetakatta to have wanted to eat
tabetakunakatta to have not wanted to eat
tabete eat (command)
tabenakute don't eat (command)
tabemashou let's eat
nomu to drink (root)
nomimasu to drink
nomimasen to not drink
nomimashita to have drank
nomimasen deshita to not have drank
nomitai to want to drink
nomitakunai to not want to drink
nomitakatta to have wanted to drink
nomitakunakatta to have not wanted to drink
nonde drink (command)
nomanakute don't drink (command)
nomimashou let's drink
shiteiru to be doing
kiteiru to be coming
tabeteiru to be eating
nondeiru to be drinking
miru to see (root)
mimasu to see
mimasen to not see
mimashita to have seen
mimasen deshita to not have seen
mitai to want to see
mitakunai to not want to see
mitakatta to have wanted to see
mitakunakatta to not have wanted to see
mite look (command)
miteiru to be looking
minakute don't look (command)
mimashou let's see
iku to go (root)
ikimasu to go
ikimasen to not go
ikimashita to have gone
ikimasen deshita to not have gone
ikitai to want to go
ikitakunai to not want to go
ikitakatta to have wanted to go
ikitakunakatta to not have wanted to go
itte go (command)
ikanakute don't go (command)
itteiru to be going
ikimashou let's go
kaku to write (root)
kakimasu to write
kakimashita to have written
kakimasen to not write
kakimasen deshita to not have written
kakitai to want to write
kakitakunai to not want to write
kakitakatta to have wanted to write
kakitakunakatta to not have wanted to write
kaite write (command)
kaiteiru to be writing
kakanakute don't write (command)
yomu to read (root)
yomimasu to read
yomimasen to not read
yomimashita to have read
yomimasen deshita to not have read
yomitai to want to read
yomitakunai to not want to read
yomitakatta to have wanted to read
yomitakunakatta to not have wanted to read
yonde (yomu) read (command)
yondeiru to be reading
yomanakute don't read (command)
yomimashou let's read
kurikaesu to repeat (root)
kurikaeshimasu to repeat
kurikaeshimasen to not repeat
kurikaeshimashita to have repeated
kurikaeshimasen deshita to not have repeated
kurikaeshitai to want to repeat
kurikaeshitakunai to not want to repeat
kurikaeshitakatta to have wanted to repeat
kurikaeshitakunakatta to not have wanted to repeat
kurikaeshite repeat (command)
kurikaeshiteiru to be repeating
kurikaesanakute don't repeat (command)
kurikaeshimashou let's repeat
morau to wait (root)
machimasu to wait
machimasen to not wait
machimashita to have waited
machimasen deshita to not have waited
machitai to want to wait
machitakunai to not want to wait
machitakatta to have wanted to wait
machitakunakatta to not have wanted to wait
matte wait (command)
matteiru to be waiting
matanakute don't wait (command)
machimashou let's wait
kau to buy (root)
kaimasu to buy
kaimasen to not buy
kaimashita to have bought
kaimasen deshita to have not bought
kaitai to want to buy
kaitakunai to not want to buy
kaitakatta to have wanted to buy
kaitakunakatta to not have wanted to buy
katte buy (command)
katteiru to be buying
kawanakute don't buy (command)
kaimashou let's buy
harau to pay (root)
haraimasu to pay
haraimasen to not pay
haraimashita to have paid
haraimasen deshita to not have paid
haraitai to want to pay
haraitakunai to not want to pay
haraitakatta to have wanted to pay
haraitakunakatta to not have wanted to pay
haratte pay (command)
haratteiru to be paying
harawanakute don't pay (command)
haraimashou let's pay
tomaru to stop (root)
tomarimasu to stop
tomarimasen to not stop
tomarimashita to have stopped
tomarimasen deshita to not have stopped
tomaritai to want to stop
tomaritakunai to not want to stop
tomaritakatta to have wanted to stop
tomaritakunakatta to not have wanted to stop
tomatte stop (command)
tomatteiru to be stopping
tomaranakute don't stop (command)
tomarimashou let's stop
tasukeru to help (root)
tasukemasu to help
tasukemasen to not help
tasukemashita to have helped
tasukemasen deshita to not have helped
tasuketai to want to help
tasuketakunai to not want to help
tasuketakatta to have wanted to help
tasuketakunakatta to not have wanted to help
tasukete help (command)
tasuketeiru to be helping
tasukenakute don't help (command)
tasukemashou let's help
iru to need (root)
irimasu to need
irimasen to not need
irimashita to have needed
irimasen deshita to have not needed
tsukau to use (root)
tsukaimasu to use
tsukaimasen to not use
tsukaimashita to have used
tsukaimasen deshita to not have used
tsukaitai to want to use
tsukaitakunai to not want to use
tsukatakatta to have wanted to use
tsukatakunakatta to not have wanted to use
tsukatte use (command)
tsukawanakute don't use (command)
tsukatteiru to be using
yobu to call (root)
yobimasu to call
yobimasen to not call
yobimashita to have called
yobimasen deshita to not have called
yobitai to want to call
yobitakunai to not want to call
yobitakatta to have wanted to call
yobitakunakatta to not have wanted to call
yonde (yobu) call (command)
yobanakute don't call (command)
yondeiru (yobu) to be calling
toru to take (root)
torimasu to take
torimasen to not take
torimashita to have taken
torimasen deshita to not have taken
toritai to want to take
toritakunai to not want to take
toritakatta to have wanted to take
toritakunakatta to not have wanted to take
totte take (command)
toranakute don't take (command)
tottieru to be taking
torimashou let's take
aru to have/to be (inanimate objects)/to be located (root)
arimasu to have/to be (inanimate objects)/to be located
arimasen to not have/not be (inanimate)/not be located
arimashita to have had/have been (inanimate)/have been located
arimasen deshita to have not had/had not been (inanimate)/had not been located
hanasu to speak (root)
hanashimasu to speak
hanashimasen to not speak
hanashimashita to have spoken
hanashimasen deshita to not have spoken
hanashitai to want to speak
hanashitakunai to not want to speak
hanashitakatta to have wanted to speak
hanashitakunakatta to not have wanted to speak
hanashite speak (command)
hanasanakute don't speak (command)
hanashiteiru to be speaking
wakaru to understand/be understood (root)
wakarimasu to understand/be understood (root)
wakarimasen to not understand
wakarimashita to have understood
wakarimasen deshita to not have understood
deru to leave (root)
demasu to leave
demashita to have left
demasen to not leave
demasen deshita to not have left
detai to want to leave
detakunai to not want to leave
detakatta to have wanted to leave
detakunakatta to not have wanted to leave
dete leave (command)
denakute don't leave (command)
deteiru to be leaving
wakatteiru to be understanding
demashou let's leave
suwaru to sit (root)
suwarimasu to sit
suwarimasen to not sit
suwarimashita to have sat
suwarimasen deshita to not have sat
suwaritai to want to sit
suwaritakunai to not want to sit
suwaritakatta to have wanted to sit
suwaritakunakatta to have not wanted to sit
suwatte sit (command)
suwatteiru to be sitting
suwaranakute don't sit (command)
suwarimashou let's sit
morau to recieve (root)
moraimasu to recieve
moraimasen to not recieve
moraimashita to have recieved
moraimasen deshita to not have recieved
moraitai to want to recieve
moraitakunai to not want to recieve
moritakatta to have wanted to recieve
moraitakunakatta to have not wanted to recieve
moratte give me (command)
morawanakute don't give me (command)
moratteiru to be recieving
dekiru to be able to (root)
dekimasu to be able to
dekimasen to not be able to
dekimashita to have been able to
dekimasen deshita to not have been able to
sawaru to touch (root)
sawarimasu to touch
sawarimasen to not touch
sawarimashita to have touched
sawarimasen deshita to not have touched
sawaritai to want to touch
sawaritakunai to not want to touch
sawaritakatta to have wanted to touch
sawaritakunakatta to not have wanted to touch
sawatte touch (command)
sawaranakute don't touch (command)
sawateiru to be touching
kiku to listen/hear/ask (root)
kikimasu to hear
kikimasen to not hear
kikimashita to have heard
kikimasen deshita to not have heard
kikitai to want to hear
kikitakunai to not want to hear
kikitakatta to have wanted to hear
kikitakunakatta to not have wanted to hear
kiite listen (command)
kikanakute don't listen (command)
kiiteiru to be listening
kikimashou let's listen
shiru to know (root)
shirimasu to know
shirimasen to not know
shirimashita to have known
shirimasen deshita to not have known
shiritai to want to know
shiritakunai to not want to know
shiritakatta to have wanted to know
shiritakunakatta to have not wanted to know
miseru to show (root)
misemasu to show
misemasen to not show
misemashita to have shown
misemasen deshita to not have shown
misetai to want to show
misetakunai to not want to show
misetakatta to have wanted to show
misetakunakatta to not have wanted to show
misete show me (command)
misenakute don't show me (command)
miseteiru to be showing
kariru to rent/borrow (root)
karimasu to rent/borrow
karimasen to not rent/borrow
karimashita to have rented/borrowed
karimasen deshita to not have rented/borrowed
karitai to want to rent/borrow
karitakunai to not want to rent/borrow
karitakatta to have wanted to rent/borrow
karitakunakatta to not have wanted to rent/borrow
karite rent/borrow (command)
karinakute don't rent/borrow (command)
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