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Science Vocab. 3

Science Vocab. 100 Word Part 3

water cycle the process that water goes through when it is evaporated into the air and to the land as rain or snow
tornado a dangerous windstorm produced by funnel-shaped clouds with winds of up to 300 miles per hour
thunderstorm a storm with heavy rain, lightening, and thunder
rotation the act of rotating as if on an axle
revolution one complete movement made by one object around another
relative humidity the amount of water vapor in the air divided by the total amount of water the air could hold
precipitation the falling to earth of any form of water (rain or snow or hail or mist.)
open-ocean zone the area of the ocean over the continental slope and abyssal plane
near-ocean zone the ocean zone that starts at the low-tide mark and goes out into the ocean
mass extinction when many types of living things become extinct at the same time
intertidal zone the region that lies between the low and high tide lines
groundwater water that fills the cracks and pores in underground soil and rock layers
hurricane a strong tropical cyclone with speeds that are at least 74 miles per hour and a calm center; they usually produce a lot of rain
front the boundary line between two air masses
evaporation the change of a liquid into a vapor
currents the movement of water in a river or an ocean
coral reefs limestone structures that contain the shells of animals
continental slope the very steep land that follows the continental shelf to lead to the flat abyssal plain
continental shelf a shallow underwater plain that is actually the edge of a continent
climate the weather in some location averaged some long period of time
blizzard a heavy snowstorm with strong winds
axis the earth's imaginary line that runs from the North Pole through the center of earth to the South Pole
atmosphere the mixture of gasses that surrounds a planet
air pressure the weight of air the atmosphere pressing down on earth
abyssal plain the floor of the deep ocean which includes some of the flattest place on earth
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