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Science Vocab.1

Science Vocab 100 Words Part1,

chemical an element or compound by elements
root part of a plant that grows underground
classify sort things by category
result effect
expand to get larger
physical related to the body
ecology relationships between living things and their environment
erode to wear away
origin how something came into being
possible something might happen
conclude to decide after thinking about something
deposition the dropping of settling of eroded materials
crust outmost layer of the earth
vary to differ
method a way of doing something
prove to show that something is so
investigate look for something
proceed to go ahead
data includes facts, figures, and other information
observe to study something
erosion removal and transportation of weathered materials
earthquake vibration in earth's crust caused by release of energy in a fault
epicenter point on earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake
core the center of something
Created by: Leon25123