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What is a weapon of totalitarianism? police terror
kulaks The Soviet government decided o eliminate ______ because of their strong resistance to collective farming.
government officials Under Stalin's command economy system, all economic decisions were made by ______.
Turkey Nationalists in ____ lead a successful rebellion against its sultan & then reformed the government with an emphasis on modernization.
Indian The ________ people were promised reforms that would eventually lead to self-government in exchange for their service under Britain in WWI.
Chinese civil war he Japanese invasion of China in 1937 halted the _________________.
Shanghai Massacre In the ____________, Chinese Communists were killed b Chinese Nationalists.
civil disobedience Continuous ___________ led Great Britain to finally grant India limited self-rule.
civil war As a result of China having a Nationalist government recognized by the world, but a Communist party growing in the countryside was___________.
Stalin-->members of the Communist Party Who was responsible for the Great Purge, and who were the victims?
Mohandis Gandhi Who led the Salt March?
Chinese Communists Who took the 6,000 mile journey known as the "Long March?"
Reza Shah Pahlavi Seized power from Persia's shah and changed the name of his country to Iran
economic development What was the purpose of the Soviet state's Five-Year Plans?
totalitarian state It's a state in which the government controls every aspect of public and private life
Communists Chinese peasants aligned themselves with the ______________.
Czechoslovakia The Munich Conference was held to address the problems of a German threat to the nation of _______
Francisco Franco Leader of Spanish rebel troops during Spain's civil war
Adolph Hitler Leader of the Third Reich
Germany In what country did war debts cause great suffering during the Great Depression?
France In what country did the Popular Front hep preserve democracy?
My Struggle What does Mein Kampf mean?
lebensraum Hitler's main method for achieving ________ was to conquer other countries.
Japan What country invaded Manchuria in 1931?
Germany What country signed a nonaggression pact with the SovietUnion in 1939?
Japan Which nation was ruled by militarists who kept the emperor in power?
Winston Churchill Who warned that the policy of appeasement was a disaster?
appeasement The Munich Conference came to symbolize the dangers of what?
anti-Semitism Hitler targeted the Jewish population as scapegoats for Germany's troubles because _____ was a key part of Nazi ideology.
a Communist revolution What fear added to the appeal of fascism in Italy and Germany?
Weimar Republic What was the name of the German government that signed the Treaty of Versailles?
coalition governments They usually proved unstable because they were alliances of several parties who disagreed on many policies.
nonaggression pact between Germany and the Soviet Union What affected the balance of power in Europe by allowing the Axis Powers to continue unchecked?
Japan Who invaded Manchuria for their iron ore and coal deposits?
policy of appeasement What was the British and French decision to give into aggression to keep peace called?
nationalism What is stressed by fascism?
the economic crisis brought on by the Great Depression What caused Germans to start taking Adolf Hitler and his message seriously?
U.S. economy In the late 1920s, the ______________ was damaged by soaring stock prices, an uneven distribution of wealth, and a surplus of agricultural products.
Dawes Plan What saved Germany from an inflationary crisis and stabilized the economy?
U.S. Isolationists from what country thought that political ties to other countries should be avoided after WWI?
Axis Powers What term was used to identify the alliance of Germany, Italy, and Japan?
Germany, Italy, and Japan Name the Axis powers that successfully invaded other nations during the early 1930s.
Nazi Which German political party sought to overturn the Treaty of Versailles and combat communism?
Il Duce What was Benito Mussolini known as?
New Deal Large public works projects helped to provide jobs as part of Roosevelt's ___________ program.
Great Depression The stock market crash of 1929 marked the beginning of what?
democratic After WWI most European nations had this type of government at least temporarily.
fascism Juan Peron, Adolph Hitler, and Benito Mussolini all embraced ___________.
fascism Nazism is the German form of ___________.
Mussolini Under ________'s rule in Italy, there was a one party dictatorship.
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