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Fish, Amphib., Repti

Ch. 3 Test Review - Fish, Amphibians, and Reptiles

At some point in their lives, all chordates have a flexible supporting rod in their backs called a notochord
Name a fish that has a skeleton made of hard bone goldfish
If an animal is an ectotherm, it has a body that does not produce much internal heat
Amphibians are especially sensitive to changes in the environment because their skin is delicate
What does the backbone surround and protect in a vertebrate? spinal cord
Most adult amphibians can obtain oxygen through lungs and thin, moist skin
To which phylum do vertebrates belong? Chordata
When the temperature of the environment changes, the body temperature of a reptile changes
An adult reptile can survive on dry land because its kidneys produce concentrated urine
Fish take in oxygen through their gills
How is a reptile egg different from an amphibian egg? it has a shell and internal membranes
How many chambers are there in a typical adult amphibian's heart 3
One major difference between lizards and snakes is that lizards have legs
All snakes are carnivores
An animal whose body temperature does not change much, even when the temperature of the environment changes, is called AN ENDOTHERM
Which of these organs help a reptile keep water in its body? skin and kidneys
An adaptation that helps amphibians move from place to place on land is a strong skeleton
The larva of a frog or toad is called a(n) tadpole
What group of fish is the largest? bony fish
All turtles obtain food by using sharp-edged beaks to tear food
A turtle's ____ includes the turtle's ribs and backbone. shell
If a fish's swim bladder was destroyed, the fish would be unable to stabilize its body at different depths
Fossils are most often found in sedimentary rock
Alligators and crocodiles use their ___ to swim through the water. tails
A large part of a turtle's body is covered by a protective shell
Dinosaurs were a major group of reptiles
What waste product is removed from a fish's blood through its gills? carbon dioxide
Why are amphibians declining in number? habitat destruction and poisons in the environment
Describe a reptile's skin. dry, tough, and covered with scales
Fossils in lower layers of rock are usually _______ than fossils in higher layers. older
Dinosaurs are the earliest vertebrates known to have legs positioned directly beneath their bodies
Sharks, rays, and skates have skeletons made of ________. cartilage
A tadpole loses its tail and develops legs during the process called____. metamorphosis
Mammals and birds are descended from the group of vertebrates known as ____. reptiles
_______ are amphibians that keep their tails as adults salamanders
Most bony fishes have an organ called a(n) _______, which allows a fish to stabilize its body at different depths. swim bladder
An ectotherm's body temperature changes depending on the temperature of its ________. environment
A reptile's kidneys excrete wastes in a watery fluid called ____. urine
Mammals and ________ are the two groups of vertebrates that are endotherms. birds
Structures that help fish move are called ____ and typically consist of a thin membrane stretched across bony supports. fins
Tiny holes in the shell of a reptile's egg allow the embryo to get rid of a waste gas called ___> carbon dioxide
The _________ inside a reptile's egg provides the embryo with food. yolk
The manipulated variable is graphed on the ____ axis. x
The responding variable is graphed on the ____ axis. y
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