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19th Century Isms

Chapters 24-28

If you are a stockholder in a corporation, are you personally responsible for its debts? no
What country kept industrial secrets from the United States by forbidding its engineers, mechanics, and toolmakers from leaving the country? Britain
What were the three factors of production required to drive the industrial revolution? land,labor, capital
The increased output of machine-made goods that began in England during the 18th-century was known as what? Industrial Revolution
How were cities affected by the Industrial Revolution? Population grew faster than the housing supply.
How did Britain's economy affect the process of industrialization? Positively, by Britain's highly developed banking system, availability of loans, and climate of progress
The ___________________ paved the way for the Industrial Revolution by leading to population growth, increasing food supplies, and causing farmers to lose land and seek other work. Agricultural Revolution
Voluntary associations of workers seeking labor reforms unions
a policy that let owners of industry set working conditions without government interference laissez-faire
What offered cheap transportation for materials and goods in Britain? railroad
What impact did technological advances have on industry? production of goods was increased
A key idea in the _________-___________ system is to refuse to interfere in either domestic or international economic matters. free-market
Illness caused by unhealthy living conditions was the factor that most contributed to the __________ life span of those living in the cities as opposed to those in the country. shorter
The theory of evolution is based on the concept of what? natural selection
___________ is a form of complete socialism in which the people own all production and property. communism
Created psychoanalysis, based on the idea that the unconscious mind has a powerful influence on behavior Sigmund Freud
Pioneer in the field of making motion pictures Thomas Edison
Wrote "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection" Charles Darwin
Believed that human actions were often unconscious reactions to experiences and could be changed by training Ivan Pavlov
Developed the theory of evolution Charles Darwin
Made use of the assembly line to make his factory highly efficient Henry Ford
Developed the germ theory of disease along with discovering and naming bacteria Louis Pasteur
Invented the first practical electric light bulb Thomas Edison
Invented the telephone Alexander Graham Bell
Helped to invent the first airplane Wilbur Wright
Started a well-staffed research laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey Thomas Edison
Who participated in identifying and naming radioactivity? Marie Curie
Who won Nobel Prizes for both Physics and Chemistry? Marie Curie
Invented the first radio Guglielmo Marconi
Exploited European rivalries and built a modern army in Ethiopia Menelik II
Began after rumors spread among Indian soldiers that the cartridges of their rifles were sealed with beef and pork fat Sepoy Mutiny
Opposition of Dutch settlers to British policy in South Africa turned violent during the ______________. Boer War
The main cause of the ___________ was Russia's desire to gain land on the Black Sea from the Ottoman Empire. Crimean War
Europeans used ____________ to govern people in colonies by providing for colonial peoples' needs but did not give them full rights. paternalism
Main cause of inadequate food supplies in Africa during European colonization was that Europeans insisted on the growth of _______________, such as cotton. cash crops
At the ______________ of 1884-1885, Europeans divided Africa into colonies without consulting African leaders. Berlin Conference
Thousands of _________ moved north in the Great Trek to escape the British. Boers
What term is used to refer to the period of Indian history during which India was dominated by Britain? Raj
Who lost the Crimean War? Russia
Western nations desired lands in the __________ ______ because of their natural resources and strategic location. Pacific Rim
He is considered the "Father of Modern India" because he called for an end to traditional practices such as arranged child marriages. Ram Mohun Roy
As a result of the ____________________, the British government took direct command of India. Sepoy Mutiny
Indian soldiers sepoys
This armed protest, which was a violent reaction to foreign influence in China, was defeated by a multinational force. Boxer Rebellion
This was the largest armed protest to rock China in the 1800s. It lasted 14 years until it was finally crushed by Qing, British, and French forces. Taiping Rebellion
This open clash between the British and the Chinese resulted in the humiliating defeat of China, and the signing of the Treaty of Nanjing. Opium War of 1839
This was declared by the United States in an effort to protect American trading rights in China and China's freedom from colonization. Open Door policy
The Treaty of Nanjing gave control of this island to Britain. Hong Kong
Who went to war over Russia's presence in Manchuria? Russia and Japan
As a result of the Sino-Japanese War, who was forced out of Korea? China
During the Meiji era, Japan modeled their strong central government after ___________. Germany
The Treaty of Kanagawa was signed between what two nations, opening ports for trade? Japan and the United States
The _________________ impacted the production of British goods because it launched the railway age that brought the transportation of people and materials to a new level. steam engine
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