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SS Chapter 13 Vocab

Caliph These were successors to Muhammad chosen by Muslim leaders
Envoy Theodora met with these official visitors from other lands
Icon One of the arguments within Christianity centered around these holy artworks depicting Jesus and the saints
Islam The messages Muhammad received became the basis for this religion
Justinian Code New code that organized the old code of Roman laws
Khan A strong leader of the Mongol people
Khanate The Mongol Empire was divided into these smaller regions that were much like states
Minaret A mosque has one or more towers from which the call to prayer is given five times a day
Monopoly The Byzantine silk industry ended China's complete control of the silk trade
Mosque Islamic house of worship
Muslim Followers of Islam
Orthodox Justinian wanted all people in the Byzantine Empire to follow the officially accepted Christianity
Patriarch These were the leaders of the Eastern Orthodox Church
Plunder Batu and his warriors took goods by force
Qur'an The holy bible of Islam
Shi'i These Muslims stayed loyal to the descendants of the fourth caliph
Siege A military blockade of a city or fort to force it to surrender
Steppe Dry plains
Travelogue A travel book
Typhoon Huge storms with heavy rains and high winds
Created by: jpaciariello