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CNA License Exam

Practice Q's & Skill Sets (California Licensure Test)

As a nurse assistant, your scope of practice includes: Bathing and dressing residents
What should the nurse assistant do if asked to do something he or she doesn't know how to do? Tell the nurse that he or she is uncertain and ask for help
Which member of the long-term health care team provides the most hands-on care to the resident? Nurse assistant
California code of regulations, title 22 establishes the minimum standards of patient care
California nurse assistant is renewing his/her certification. How many inservice/ continuing education hours must an individual take in a two year period in order to renew nurse assistant certification? 48 hours
What best defines Medicare? Medical benefits for persons age 65 and over
The role of the ombudsman is to: Listen and resolve resident problems
HIPAA refers to: Confidentiality
True or False: Residents have the right to be free from restraints. True
True or False: The resident has the right to refuse treatment True
True or False: You may be found guilty of invasion of privacy if you open a resident's mail. True
True or False: An advanced directive is part of the admission process and is required. True
what is an example of a barrier to effective communication? Changing the subject each time a resident brings up an uncomfortable topic
A charge nurse uses a medical word that he nurse assistant doesn't understand. What should the nurse assistant do? Ask the nurse to explain the meaning
When residents express their feelings and concerns, the nurse assistant will best respond by: Listening to the resident's concerns
A nurse assistant works on the first floor of a skilled nursing facility. The nurse assistant's uncle is a resident on the second floor. What is true about this relationship? The nurse assistant can visit her uncle during lunch time
What is the most appropriate way to answer a resident's telephone? "Good morning. Mrs. Gray's room, this is Mary Jones, nurse assistant speaking"
A confused resident was recently moved to a private room at the family's request. The nurse assistant understands that: Any change in routine can produce anxiety in a resident.
When assisting a resident with left sided weakness to transfer from the bed to a chair, the chair should be located: At the head of the bed, on the resident's right side
When a resident is in good body alignment, it means that the resident's: Head is in a straight line with their spine
Before performing any task at bedside, the nurse assistant should: elevate the bed to a comfortable position to help
Prone position Lying on the abdomen with the head turned to one side
Your resident is paralyzed from the waist down(Paraplegic) and has maintained good upper body strength. The resident wants to be able to move himself in bed, somewhat, without assistance. Which piece of equipment might be used for this purpose? Trapeze
Two surfaces rub together. This is called: Friction
After transferring Ms. G to the toilet, you should: Close the bathroom door and stay in her room
The process by which all microorganisms are destroyed is called: Sterilization
A body best protects itself against infections through: Maintaining intact skin
Hepatitis B is an example of a: Virus
Strep (streptococcal) throat results from invasion by: Bacteria
What is a common sign of infection: A fever
Washing hands in one way to prevent the spread of infectious agents through: Direct contact
The health care worker can break the chain of infections: At any link of the chain
Following good aseptic techniques, the health care worker will wash hands: Between residents
What is an example of contamination? Touching the sink
After bathing a resident, the health worker should wash his/her hands: In a circular motion with friction
Asepsis means: The process of destroying pathogens
Clean technique is the same as: Sterile technique
A person has protection against a certain disease. This person has: Immunity
Who can develop nosocomial infections? Residents
Which is the easiest and most important way to prevent infections from spreading? Standard precautions
When cleaning the perineal area of the female body, you need to clean: From front to back
Standard precautions apply to: All persons
Soiled linens are: Handled according to the center's policies
The nurse hands you a used syringe with the needle attached. You should: Place the needle and syringe in a puncture-resistant container
A wet gown is considered to be: Contaminated
Persons needing isolation precautions often experience: Loss of self-esteem
The nurse assistant is leaving an isolation room. After hand washing, the nurse assistant should: Use a paper towel to open the door and put the paper towel in the basket outside the room.
Standard precautions require the nurse assistant to wear gloves when caring for a resident if the nurse assistant has: A cut or sore on the hand
The nurse assistant should know that the proper hand washing includes soap, friction, and: Running water
The correct order for removing protective clothing before leaving a resident's isolation room is: Gloves, gown, mask, and wash hands
When changing bed linens, what action by the nurse assistant would ensure that medical asepsis is being followed? Place all clean linen on a clean surface
The nurse assistant is collecting a urine specimen using standard precautions. What should the nurse assistant do? Wash hands and apply gloves before beginning the urine collection
After hand washing, the nurse assistant should turn off the faucet using: clean, dry paper towel after hands are dried
Between routine resident contacts, the nurse assistant should wash his/her hands under running water for at least: 20 secs
To ensure medical asepsis when collecting a specimen from a recident, the na must: Wash hands before and after the procedure
Mrs S. the charge nurse, wants blood work results on Mr Jones immediately. What term would indicate "immediately" to the lab? STAT
ASAP As Soon As Possible
PRN When Possible
AD LIB Whenever
Falls are common cause of injury. What might help prevent the resident from becoming injured from falls? Keep the resident's bed in the lowest position
Mr B is receiving oxygen therapy. What rule should be followed with oxygen therapy? Do not allow smoking when oxygen is in use
Mrs A is being placed in a vest device to help keep her from falling from her wheelchair. What should the na do? Explain kindle to Mrs A that the postural supports are being used to help prevent her from falling.
What might be useful to prevent choking? Cut foods, especially meat into small, bite size pieces
What are causes for hypoglycemia? Too much insulin, Omitting a meal, Vomiting
When performing abdominal thrusts, place the fist in one hand: Between the navel and end of the sternum (breast bone)
What personal protective equipment would be used when caring for a resident with external bleeding? gloves, goggles, gown
What is a common sign/symptom of internal bleeding? coffee ground vomit
DNR, Living will, and Durable power of attorney are examples of: Advanced directives
Mr S has epilepsy and suffers from grand mal seizures. During a seizure, it is important to: Protect the resident from injury
The amount of force exerted against the walls of the artery by the blood is commonly known as: Blood pressure
The normal oral temp of an adult resident is: 98.6 F
What should a na not do as part of taking a rectal temp for an adult? Position the patient in the prone position
What can increase the pulse rate? Pain
Before using a stethoscope from the nursing unit, the nurse assistant should: Clean the ear pieces and the diaphragm with an alcohol wipe
A resident's diastolic pressure is 104 mm Hg. A high diastolic pressure could be serious because: It measures the amount of pressure in the arteries when the heart is contracting
Mr Johnson is a 75 yr old, who has a cardiac condition and is experiencing bradycardia. What is an example of a pulse that best represents bradycardia? 42 beats per min
The radial pulse is the most common site used for routine vital signs. The radial pulse is located on the: Thumb side of the wrist
When taking a resident's temp, pulse, and respirations(TPR), the respiration should be counted after: Pulse as been taken, while the fingers are still on the pulse site
A respiration is defined as: One full inhalation and exhalation cycle
A resident has a temp of 102 F. What can the nurse assistant do to assist in lowering the fever without a physician's order? Apply an ice cap to the resident's forehead or encourage the resident to drink cool fluids, if allowed to have oral intake
When a resident experiences difficult, painful, or labored breathing, it is known as: Dyspnea
What is true about Blood pressure? The cuff can be placed over clothing
What pulse is located at the inner side of the elbow? Brachial
When taking a blood pressure reading, the higher number represents the pressure in the artery at the peak of cardiac contraction. This is called the: Systolic Pressure
When taking a resident's blood pressure, the NA will need to use a stethoscope and a: Sphygomomanometer
The NA is preparing to take the resident's blood pressure. The resident has an IV in the right arm. The NA should: Take the BP on the left arm
The NA should know that the first sounds heard when taking a blood pressure reading is called the: Systolic pressure
What is the correct order to use when reading a resident's vital signs? Temperature, Pulse, and Respirations
When the nurse assistant is unable to obtain a resident's pulse rate, the nurse assistant should: Ask another na to check the pulse or take the pulse for a full minute at another location
What is the normal axillary temperature reading on an adult resident? 98.6 F
1 ounce is equivalent to 30 milliliters (ml)
1 pint is equivalent to 500 ml
1 foot is equivalent to 30 centimeters
1 quart is equivalent to 1000 ml
What would be the correct military time if the clock reads 3:00 p.m. in Greenwich time? 1500
When measuring liquid volume with a graduated cylinder, the nurse assistant shouldn't: Read the measurement at the highest level of the liquid surface
1235 in Greenwich time = 12:35 PM
0745 in Greenwich time = 7:45 AM
1525 in Greenwich time = 3:25 PM
If a person on I&O drinks 12 oz. of milk, the nurse assistant should mark on the client's record an intake of: 360 ml
Your resident ate the following items for lunch: 1/2cup of string beans, 3 oz. fish, 6 oz. milk, 2 oz. jello What was the fluid intake? 240 ml
The clock shows 10:32 AM. In 24-hour clock time, this is: 1032
A resident has terminal breast cancer and says she wants to live 3 more months to see her first grandchild. According to Kubler-Ross, in what stage of the grief process is this resident? Bargaining
A resident is dying of a lung disease. He has been recently yelling at the staff.What stage of the grief process may this be? Anger
The dying resident has the right to: Refuse life-prolonging measures
One of the signs of biological death would be: Lack of respirations (Resident is not breathing)
One of the goals of hospice care is to: Help the resident in making the dying process less painful physically and psychologically
It is important for the nurse assistant to monitor the condition of the dying resident, who has written an Advanced Directive not to resuscitate him, so that they can: Provide physical and emotional support
Postmortem care includes: Bathing as necessary
When preparing a body for postmortem transfer, the nurse assistant should first: Straighten the body in supine position
Nurse assistants who help with post mortem care of a resident should: Be sure that the body and clothing are clean and dry
A dying resident tells the NA, " I'm having a lot of pain". What should the NA do? Report the pain to the nurse in charge
What most completely defines observation? Watching the activities of the resident
An error made while writing in the resident's chart is corrected by: Drawing a single line trough the entry, writing the word "error" above the line and initialing the entry
What is an EX of an objective data of information? "Mr Jones vomited 250cc of fluid after lunch"
The nurse assistant had just given Mrs Kennedy a complete bed bath. What type of information would be appropriate to chart? The condition of Mrs Kennedy's skin and how she tolerated the bath.
The routine daily nursing tasks performed for a resident are charted on the: ADL sheet
A list of the resident's needs and specific nursing activities to address those needs would be found on the : Resident's care plan
Tissues die and become black, cold and shriveled. This is: Gangrene
A malignant tumor... Invades nearby tissues
A resident has a fractured right hip. What position is usually not allowed? Right side lying positition
The two most common causes of stroke are: Bleeding in the brain and blood clots
When the urinary bladder is removed, a new pathway is needed for urine to exit the body. The new pathway is called a Ureterostomy
In diabetes, the body lacks or is unable to use: insulin
To prevent pressure ulcers, you must Keep the person's skin clean and dry
A female resident is obese. She is at risk for pressure ulcers in what areas? -Between abdominal folds -Under her breasts -Between her legs and buttocks
A resident has glaucoma. What do you know about the person's sight? The person's vision is cloudy
Hypoglycemia is... Low blood pressure
What are the common signs of parkinson's disease? -Tremors -Shuffling gait -Facial expression
With coronary heart disease, the coronary arteries are... Hardened and narrow
Define Sundowning When signs, symptoms, and behaviors of Alzheimer's disease increase during hours of darkness
A resident has Alzheimer's disease. She is trying to rub her perineum through her clothes. What statements can be true about this? -She may be wet or soiled from urine or feces -She may have a urinary or reproductive infection -She may have pain or discomfort in her urinary or reproductive system
The nurse assistant is providing foot care to a resident with diabetes. What is she/he not allowed to do? Clip the nails
What is the greatest risk(s) from osteoporosis? Fractures
The skin or mucous membrane is broken. This is: An open wound
Hepatitis A is spread by: The fecal-oral route
What is the highest level of anxiety? Panic
A resident is confused. It is time for the resident to shower. What should you do? Explain what you are going to do and why.
How much fluid should the average adult take in each day? 2,500 ml
Approximately how much daily urine output is normal for an average adult? 2,500 ml
Accurate recording of fluid intake includes: Only fluid that comes on the dietary tray
Which abbreviation is most frequently used to measure fluid intake and output? ml
Why is accurate recording of food consumption of a resident with diabetes important? The diabetic diet may be balanced by insulin or diabetic medications
A sign that states NPO is posted on a door of a resident. This means that the resident should: Have nothing by mouth
What action is essential before serving a meal tray? Check the diet card and resident identifiction
When feeding a resident who has had a stroke, the nurse assistant will most correctly: Place food in the unaffected side of the mouth
Food thickeners are designed to: Provide a thicker mass for swallowing to help prevent choking
A partial bath would include: Face, hands, underarms, and genital area
A complete bed bath would be given to a resident who: Is unconcious
A nurse assistant is bathing a resident. What observation should be reported immediately to the nurse? A bleeding skin tear
When bathing a dependent resident, the nurse assiatant should: Rinse off all soap completely and dry the skin throughly
Oral hygiene should be done: After breakfast and after the last meal or snack of the day
In what position should an unconscious resident be placed when providing oral care? Lateral (side-lying, head to side) position
When the resident takes his/her dentures out for the evening, the na should: Store them in a labeled container filled with cooled water inside the bedside table drawer
As you brush Mrs K's teeth, you notice that her gums are bleeding. The nurse assistant should: Notify the charge nurse
A resident asks a nurse assistant to cut his toenails because they are very thick and hurt when he wears shoes. The nurse assistant should: Report his request to the nurse
To lean under the fingernails of a resident, the nurse assistant should: Use an orange stick
The purpose of shampooing the hair of residents is to: Maintain cleanliness and well being
To safely shave a resident with a safety razor, the nurse assistant should: Keep the skin taut in the area being shaved
The nurse assistant is putting a pair of pants on a resident who cannot sit up because of weakness. The nurse assistant should slip both feet into the legs of the pants and then: Assist the resident to roll from side to side as the na pulls the pants up the waist
When changing a colostomy bag, the nurse assistant should know: The colostomy bag needs to be changed when the bag is leaking
When preparing to bathe a resident, the NA should provide privacy curtains: Immediately after entering the room
The NA is checking the resident's body for signs of pressure sores. Which of the following areas of the body are more likely to be affected? Bony areas such as shoulder blades, elbows, heels, and knees
The NA should know that incontinent residents: Cannot control their bladder or bowels
When putting in dentures, it is important to: Wet the dentures
The NA should clean the resident's genital and anal areas: Every time the resident uses the bathroom
If the resident is unable to clean up properly after using a bedside commode, the NA should: Provide the resident with privacy and clean him gently and throughly
What might the nurse assistant do to keep a resident from being incontinent of urine? Offer the resident the toilet,bedpan,or urinal at regular intervals
When providing a bedpan for a resident, the nurse assistant should always: Allow privacy while the rsident is using the bedpan
The NA should know that dentures should be cleaned: After breakfast and at bedtime
When bathing a resident, a nurse assistant should observe: Skin condition
The nurse assistant is caring for a resident who just received a new pair of glasses. The nurse assistant should: Put the glasses in a labeled case when not in use
A resident has diarrhea. You know that liquid feces and frequent wiping can lead to: Skin Breakdown
What is the preferred position for giving an enema? Sim's position (left side lying position)
A male resident is not circumcised. When giving perineal care, what should the nurse assistant do? Retract the foreskin
Which linens must be tight and wrinkle-free? Bottom linens
The nurse asks you to collect a random urine specimen. Which is correct? The perineal area is cleaned before collecting the specimen
Mucus from the respiratory system that is expelled through the mouth is called: Phlegm
Normal urine has: An ammonia odor
What colored urine should you report to the nurse? Red-colored urine
A resident is up all day. What type of bed should you make? Closed bed
Linens are held: Away from your body and uniform
You brought 2 pillowcases into a resident's room. The person uses 1 pillow. What should you do with the other pillow case? Put it with the dirty laundry
Your resident is right handed. The bed side stand and call signal should be: On her right side
Wet, damp soiled linens are changed: Immediately
The loss of urine in response of a sudden urgent need to void is called: Urge incontitence
The nurse asks you to assist with the admission of a new resident. What can the nurse delegate to you? Transporting the person to his or her room
What will prevent skin tears? Keep your fingernails short and smoothly filed
A resident is going to be discharged. What must occur before the person can leave? The person must sign a consent form
Elastic stockings are also called: Anti-embolism stockings
True or False: A residents objects to transfer or discharge. An ombudsman makes sure that the person's best interests are considered. True
True or False: When removing dirty linens, roll each piece toward you. False
True or False: Wet, damp, and soiled linens are changed at the end of your shift. False
True or False: When using a fracture pan, the larger end is placed under the buttocks. True
True or False: When collecting specimens, you must not touch the inside of the container lid. True
Rehabilitation -Assists the resident to attain his/her highest level of ability -Requires the services of only licensed personnel to be successful -May be provided in the hospital, subacute unit, home, or skilled care facility
In Rehabilitative nursing, OBRA requires... Skilled nursing facilities to provide restorative care
The main therapy that assists residents to re-learn activities of daily living is: Occupational therapy
True or False: Taking medications is an activity of daily living False
A complication of immobility that affects the musculoskeletal system is: Contractures
A complication of immobility that affects the gastrointestinal system is: Constipation
A psychological reaction to immobility is: Depression
A verbal cue is: A short, simple phrase to prompt the resident
Continuity and consistency of care means that all staff: Use the same approaches when caring for the resident
If completing an entire task is too difficult for a resident for a resident in the restorative program: Break the task into a series of smaller tasks
True or False: Using the care plan is the key to success when caring for residents in rehabilitation and restorative programs. True
True or False: For effective restorative care, there must be a continuity of care between caregivers and between shifts True
True or False: Edema will develop if the residents is very active False
True or False: Emphasize the individualism, value, and worth of each resident True
True or False: Avoid comparing residents with their progress True
True or False: People with disabilities are special and should be treated differently from other residents False
True or False: Residents who are newly disabled adapt as easily to their problems as people who have lived with their disability a long time. False
True or False: People with disabilities are not capable to doing the same things that other people do. False
True or False: One of the goals of restorative care is to prevent complications True
True or False: Restorative care is designed to maintain the resident's current abilities False
True or False: One of the goals of providing rehabilitation services to a resident services to a resident with quadriplegia is to teach the patient to walk again. False
True or False: Residents with spinal cord and brain injuries cannot benefit from a rehabilative program True
True or False: Residents with arthritis may benefit from rehabilitation False
True or False: A resident who has been in bed for a longtime will not benefit from a rehabilitative program False
True or False: Some rehabilitative programs are designed for geriatric residents True
True or False: Grooming is not important to the restorative program False
True or False: The resident's sexuality is respective in the restorative program True
True or False: Restorative care is part of the assessment item in the minimum data set True
Define RACE Defines how to react to a fire emergency -R:Remove patients in immediate danger -A: Activate fire alarm -C: Contain the fire - E: Extinguish or Evacuate
Define PASS Defines how to extinguish a fire -P:Pull the safety pin -A: Aim at the base of flame -S: Squeeze the handle -S: Spray while sweeping side to side
What are the 6 Abuses? 1. Physical 2. Emotional 3. verbal 4. Sexual 5. Financial 6. Neglect/Abandonment
Normal Range for Respirations(Adult) 12-20 per min
Normal Ranges for Pulse(Adult) 60-100 bpm
Range for Blood Pressure [Normal sys 100-119/ diast 60-79] [Pre-htp sys 120-139/ diast 80-89] [High BP sys 140+/ diast 90+] [Low BP sys 100-/ diast 60-]
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