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Med term 6

Polyp many, much
Papules Solid, elevated area on the skin
Cyst Closed sac with a distinct membrane that develops abnormally in a body structure; filled with semisolid liquid
psoriasis chronic, noncontagious skin disease with periods of exacerbations and remission
pruritus itching
erythemia redness of the skin
athlete's foot contagious fungal infection that usually affects the feet
eczema noncontagious, inflammatory dermatitis caused by an allergen or irritant
epidermis outer layer of the skin
frostbite actual freezing of tissue fluid resulting in damage to the skin and underlying tissue
dermis the skin
ulcer open lesion on the skin or mucous membrane
impetigo highly contagious skin infection usually caused by streptococci or staphylococci organisms
vesicles blister; sac full of water or tissue fluid
verrucae warts; caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV)
macules discoloration but neither raised nor depressed spot or area on the skin
wheals itchy, elevated areas with an irregular shape; hives and insect bites are examples
pustules small, elevated, pus- or lymph-filled area of the skin
glycosuria presence of sugar in the urine
diuresis drugs that increase urinary output; water pills
urinalysis examination of urine by the way of physical, chemical, or microscopic testing
retention inability to empty the bladder
cystitis inflammation of the urinary bladder
dialysis removal of urine substances from the blood by way of passing solutes through a membrane
incontinence unable to voluntarily control urination of defecation
cystoscopy examination on the inside of the bladder
chronic renal failure progressive loss of kidney funtion
renal failure kidneys stop functioning
pyuria Pus in the urine
Polyuria increased production and discharge of urine; excessive urine
oliguria decreased or less than normal amounts of urine secretion
nocturia excessive urination at night
renal colic
acute renal failure caused by hemorrhage, shock, injury, hypertention
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