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Georgia & WWII

dictator leader with absolute power
Versailles Treaty that ended WWI & placed harsh economic penalties on Germany
raw materials reason Japan began to take over areas of Southeast Asia
fascism form of government led by a dictator who believes in the superiority of a particular race
blitzkrieg lightening war; technique used by German Army
neutrality position U.S. adopted about war in Europe
lend-lease certain war-related materials were provided to friendly European countries at no immediate cost
Hitler leader of German Nazi party
Mussolini fascist leader of Italy
Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941; "a day that will live in infamy"
Holocaust killing of 2/3 of Europe's Jews
genocide deliberate killing of a particular group of people
reparation compensation for war damage
World War II Sept 1, 1939 (Germany invaded Poland-1945
rationing limit buying certain items
black market illegal sale of rationed goods
blackout lights turned off or windows and doors covered
accredit give official approval
civil service hired based on qualifications
Ellis Arnall major reform governor
Allied Powers Great Britain, France Soviet Union, U.S.
Axis Powers Germany, Italy, Japan
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