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Mrs. West Test

Color Models

Used for electronic screens RGB
3 Colors of light RGB
produces a wider spectrum of colors RGB
used for full color print CMYK
CMYK Cyan, Magenta, yellow and black
reproduce full color images CMYK
4 pigments of ink CMYK
used for printed pieces CMYK
produces a smaller spectrum of colors CMYK
The most common spot color printing system in the WORLD. Spot color is a ready-mixed color system with a value or number system to reference PMS (Pantone Matching System)
Consist of a grid of pixels of varying shades of color Raster Graphics
Quality is lost when scaled Raster Graphics
Used for photographs or graphics Raster Graphics
Graphics are photorealistic. Raster Graphics
Common File Formats JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG
Lossy compression JPEG
lossless compression TIFF, GIF, PNG
photos (b&w and color), web graphics JPEG
Most digital cameras use this format JPEG
Used for high quality photos TIFF
sending things to print TIFF
illustrations TIFF
Used for mainly animation GIF
digital graphics and digital photos PNG
Consists of paths defined mathematically with properties assigned, such as color, fill and outline. Vector Graphics
Quality stays the same when you zoom into a what? Vector Graphics
Used for typefaces and illustrations Vector Graphics
Not photorealistic Vector Graphics
Common Vector File Formats EPS, TTF & OTF, PDF, SVG,
logos EPS
fonts and scalable website icon sets TTF & OTF
print ready artwork documents logos PDF
scalable website icons SVG
mobile device apps SVG
reducing the file size of images while still maintaining quality Compression
Creates smaller files by losing information from the image lossy compression
Creates smaller files but never discards any info from the image Lossless compression
Created by: Braylee Koehl