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Unit 5 Review

_________________ were explorers who created a map so that Americans would be able to move west and settle in the territory gained from the Louisiana Purchase? Lewis & Clark
The Mexican War was fought over _________________. Control of Texas
The Gadsden Purchase is named after James Gadsden. James Gadsden was the U.S. ____________ who helped negotiate the treaty. Ambassador
The American System was proposed by _________________. Henry Clay
Roads, bridges, canals, trails, railroads and steamboats are all examples of what? Internal improvements
New inventions from the Industrial Revolution made farming much easier. These new inventions include the steel plow, the mechanical reaper, and this? Cotton Gin
Which internal improvement that helped Americans travel by water? Canal
A period in American when the focus shifted from agriculture and farming to machines, factories, and industry. Industrial Revolution
How did the Gadsden Purchase benefit the United States? Allowed the US to purchase more territory
What did the American expansionists’ slogan “Fifty-four forty or fight!” refer to? Oregon Territory
Created by: Rhiana311