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Court System

A search warrant is invalid if it Is not signed by a judge
The standard of proof that law enforcement officers must have before a judicial officer can issue a warrant is called Probable Cause
A______is a legal document ordering a person to testify in a court of law as a witness. Subpoena
A______is a written court order directing a law enforcement officer to conduct a search or arrest a person. Warrant
Courts that have the authority to review decisions of a lower court are known as______courts. Appellate
The highest level of authority in Criminal Law is/are_______ Federal Statues
The ______has primary jurisdiction over cases involving disputes between states. U.S. Supreme Court
When offering testimony in court, the officer should direct his/her responses toward the Judge
An officer who maintains an alert demeanor and proper attire during a court appearance exhibits Professionalism and authority
In courtroom testimony, officers may use_____to refresh their memories. Police reports
The _______represents the state's case in a criminal trial. Prosecuting attorney
The ______interprets the law to the jury. Judge
The ____must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Prosecution
The standard of proof necessary to find a defendant guilty in a criminal trial is Beyond a reasonable doubt.
Bail was originally established To ensure that the defendant would return to court
In _____, the Supreme Court mad the right to be represented by an attorney binding on the states. Gideon vs Wainwright
The ____can appeal a jury's decision. Defense
The term_______, refers to the study of punishment. Penology
Establishing the exact location where a crime occurred is essential for establishing the ______of the crime. Legal jurisdiction
The _____plea in a criminal case cannot be admitted as evidence in a civil trial. Nolo Contendere
The term______ refers to negotiating an agreement in a criminal trial. Plea Bargain
Pretrial publicity would likely cause a motion to_____to be made prior to the beginning of the trial. Change venue
Testimony that is NOT admissible in court is__________. Hearsay
Juvenile courts are considered________________. Non-adversarial
The term, _______, refers to a decision by a judge that a child has committed delinquent acts. Adjudication
The term, _______, refers to an act committed by a juvenile that is considered a crime when committed by an adult. Delinquency
A ____ is a document asking a court to assume jurisdiction over a juvenile. Petition
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