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Corrections: Concepts and Skills

The scientific approach to studying the nature,extent, cause and control of criminal behavior is called Criminology
The term_____, means confinement in jail or prison. Incarceration
In 1841, a cobbler named John Augustus developed the concept of Probation
Shock incarceration is typically designed for a target population of _______offenders. Youthful first-time
Two major prison systems in the United States are Auburn and Pennsylvania
In managing prisons and jails, one recent innovation is to operate them Through private companies
The most common execution method used for the death penalty in the U.S. is Lethal injection
In 1972 a moratorium was placed on the death penalty in the case of Furman vs Georgia
The challenges to capital punishment usually fall under the ______Constitutional Amendment. Eighth
The highest security prisons in the federal prison system are called Super-Max
A method of monitoring offenders is to use An ankle bracelet
The term_____, describes the belief that someone will change their behavior due to incarceration or punishment. Rehabilitation
If an offender makes suicidal statements during the booking process, the offender must be Placed in observation
During the booking process, the officer must Take possession of all of the suspect's property
The booking procedure includes mental, medical and _____evaluation. Physical
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