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Police Concepts and Skills

While involved in a traffic stop, the driver exits the vehicle to ask the officer a question. The officer should Order the driver back into the vehicle
During a high risk traffic stop the officer should generally be positioned Using the protection of the patrol vehicle
During a vehicle pursuit, when the vehicle stops, the officer should Empty the vehicle using high risk stop procedures
An officer is making an arrest on a violent suspect who is in the kneeling position. The officer should place the handcuffs on the suspect Immediately on approach
The best method of placing handcuffs on the suspect is Keyholes toward the fingers, double -locked, behind the back
The term, double-lock handcuffs, means to Activate mechanism so the handcuffs will not close further
In ______, the U.S. Supreme court upheld stop and frisk procedures. Terry vs Ohio
Prior to a pat down search, the officer should Inquire about contraband
The term ________, refers to a protective search for weapons. Stop and frisk
Police officers stop vehicles and issue citations and warnings to motorists to Gain compliance
Before and after transporting a prisoner in a police vehicle, the officer should Check the back seat for contraband
When making a traffic stop, the officer must especially watch the suspect's Hands
For safety reasons during a vehicle stop the officer should Maintain visual contact
A law enforcement officer should Not take any free materials or services
The_______generally deals with police corruption. Department of Internal Affairs
If a police officer's partner comes to work intoxicated, the officer should Report it to a supervisor
A police officer has a legal responsibility to Protect property, life and defend the rights of others.
The _______ division generally has the most officers in a medium-to-large police agency. Patrol
The FBI,IRS and DEA are all _______agencies. Federal
The difference between races, genders, beliefs and customs is called Cultural Diversity
If an officer makes a stop or arrest based on a person's race or ethnicity, it is an example of Racial Profiling
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