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Health Issues

If an officer wanted to increase muscle mass, he/she would eat more Protein
Alcoholic beverages contain________ which increases the likelihood of weight gain. Carbohydrates
General exercise produces endorphins which could _____the impact of stress for an officer. Lower
When should CPR be stopped? When the individual(s) administering CPR become exhausted
The purpose of CPR alone is to Supply the vital organs with oxygen-rich blood
A sucking chest wound is best cared for by using a/an _____dressing to cover the wound. Occlusive
A person with known diabetes is showing signs of irritability. There are no signs of trauma. The person should be given small amounts of Sugar
When arresting a suspect known to have tuberculosis, the officer should Wear a mask
When one person is performing CPR on a child, he/she should use what ratio of breaths to compress ions? 2:30
When placing a sling on a broken wrist, the splint needs to Extend from the shoulder to the wrist.
Anaphylaxis significantly impacts the ________system. Respiratory
The ______system will indicate the first sign of shock. Nervous
A broken wrist primarily affects the ________system. Musculoskeletal
What is the shape of a hazardous material placard? Diamond
When responding to a hazardous material spill, attempt to identify the type of hazardous material by Using binoculars to see the placard
Flares should be avoided at a hazardous materials spill scene because the flare could Present a fire of explosion danger
Use a Class A fire extinguisher on a/an _______fire. Ordinary combustibles
OSHA stands for___________. Occupational Safety and Health Administration
HIV is transmitted through exposure To blood
When handling a suspect believed to have AIDS, the officer should Wear latex or vinyl gloves
Created by: Jalessi