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Criminal Law and Procedures

When conducting photo line-up, all suspects should have Similar physical features
A type of "consent" search includes a Trunk of a vehicle with the driver's permission
The term_____refers to the area immediately adjacent to a person's residence. Curtilage
When conducting a search without consent the Consent must be voluntary
The Fourth Amendment guarantees an individual protection against Unusual search and seizure
The Sixth Amendment guarantees an individual The right to a speedy trial
The Eight Amendment guarantees an individual protection against Cruel and unusual punishment
The ______Amendment governs excessive bail and the implementation of the right to bail. Eighth
The first Ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution are know as Bill of Rights
Most criminal statutes are removed, added or modified by the_________branch of government. Legislative
Most law enforcement agencies fall under the ______branch of government. Executive
Three strikes and you're out is an example of legislation that targets Recidivism
An officer is off duty and observes a traffic infraction outside his/her jurisdiction. The officer should Notify local authorities
A school resource officer observes a student with what appears to be a firearm in his/her backpack. The officer can search and arrest the student based on Probable cause
An officer may make a felony arrest based on Probable cause
Crimes against the person include murder, rape, robbery, and Assault
What is another term for "intent" in the field of law enforcement? Mens rea
A/an _______is a crime punishable by at least one year in prison. Misdemeanor
The term actus rea, refers to the Guilty act
A fast growing type of white collar crime is Money laundering
The term______defines a standard of proof drawn from objective fact and reasonable inferences in light of experience. Reasonable suspicion
The concept of precedent is based on Constitutional law
What is the legal term for a civil or personal wrong? Tort
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