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Crime Scene Handling

Bloody evidence should be packaged in a Paper bag
Latent fingerprints can be lifted by using powder, ninhydrin or Iodine
When conducting a detailed search of a crime scene over a large area, the law enforcement officer should utilize a Systematic search
The acronym, DNA, means Deoxyribonucleic acid
Toxicology is the study of Poisions
DNA analysis studies ______structure in the body Molecular
When photographing a crime scene photographs should be taken in the following view sequence General, medium, close-up
Crime-sketching methods include cross-projection, triangulation and Coordinate
Witnesses should be _______after a crime scene has been secured. Secured individually
Upon arriving at a crime scene, the first thing to do is to Survey and secure the scene
Evidence should be Properly documented and tagged
The tiny ridges in the skin of a fingertip are known as ______ridges. Friction
A typical method used to develop fingerprint at a crime scene is Dusting
The term latent fingerprint is a Latin word meaning Hidden
In order to identify a rough crime scene sketch which is not professionally prepared, a police officer should label the sketch as Not professionally done
A finished crime scene sketch differs from an initial crime scene sketch in that it contains Lettered or numerical markers
Created by: Jalessi