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Grade 3 Carbon Print


Loop fingerprint pattern with lines that start on one side, rise, fall and then turn back and go out on the same side
arch fingerprint pattern with lines that start on one side and go out on the opposite side
whorl fingerprint pattern with lines that form circles inside circles
carbon a natural element that makes up pencil graphite
bar graph a way of organizing results of an investigation to compare different things
bar graph a graph that show data in by using different heights of rectangles
printing a process of taking carbon that was rubbed on a surface and transferred to paper to make a picture
How many fingerprint patterns are there? 3
Name the three fingerprint patterns loops, arch and whorl
Can you tell what a person's fingerprint pattern with your naked eye? Yes
Can two people have the same fingerprint pattern? No
Can you tell how old a person is based on their fingerprint patterns? No
Can you identify a person using fingerprints? Yes
Carbon Printing Useful technique for looking looking at the pattern of finely textured objects.
How is carbon printing useful? Allows up to see otherwise invisible patterns