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SS Statement SEVEN

Movement of People, Products, and Ideas

migration human movement from one place to another in order to establish new homes
cultural diffusion spread of people, ideas, technology, and products among places
political factors reasons for human migration relating to government, their policies, and wars (i.e. change in leadership, citizen rights)
environmental factors reasons for human migration relating to natural disasters and climate
social factors reasons for human migration relating to family, cultural, and religious connections (i.e. discrimination, intolerance, religious freedom)
economic factors reasons for human migration relating to availability of resources, changes in trade patterns, and employment opportunites
international trade exchange of goods between countries
lasting impact Something that leaves a permanent mark on something else, such as when the earth was struck by a huge meteor eons ago that wiped out the dinosaurs; the meteor had a ________ ________ on the planet.
discrimination the unfair treatment of different categories of people, especially based on the race, religion, age, or sex of the people
intolerance unwillingness or refusal to tolerate or respect persons of a different social group, especially when they are part of a minority group with opinions or beliefs different from your own
push negative/forced reasons for moving from one place to another
pull positive/voluntary reasons for moving from one place to another
migrant a person who moves a lot, possibly in search of work
immigrant a person who moves IN to a new country to settle permanently
emigrant a person who moves out of or "EXITS" a country to permanently settle in another country