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SS Statement SIX

Physical Environments / Human Activity

What is the meaning of modify? change
Why are many large cities located near waterways? waterways provide economic opportunities for people
What is the relationship between the physical environment of the Arctic and the population of the region? the arctic's physical environment is harsh so the population of the region is low
What human activity developed to adapt to the annual flooding in southeast Asia? foundations of homes are being raised, roads are being built above flood lines
What human activity is contributing to the increased flooding in southeast Asia? increased production of carbon emissions; CO2; climate change
Give several examples of physical environments.
What is meant by unintended consequences? the effect or outcome of an action that was NOT the purpose or intention of the action
When the environment does not meet human needs, people adapt or __________ it to meet those needs. modify or change
In places where waterways are not available, people construct _________. canals
Give two intended consequences of highways. transportation and trade
Give two unintended consequences of highways. plant and animal habitat destruction and air pollution
True or False Many of the issues facing the world today are the result of unintended consequences of human activity. True