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Anatomy of lower limb

The lateral planter artery anastomoses with the continuation of the _______ artery that passes into the sole between the first and second metatarsals. dorsal pedis
The femoral artery branches to profanda femoris, popliteal, A-P tibial arteries, medial and lateral planter arteries. and dorsal pedis artery.
medial and lateral planter arteries originates from posterior tibial artery
divides into the anterior, posterior tibial arteries Popliteal artery
Femoral nerve arise from the ventral rami of _______and Functions for: Knee extension, hip and knee joints, and anterior thigh sensation L 2,3,4
Obturator nerve arise from the ventral rami of _______ L234
Lateral cutanous nerve of thigh nerve arise from the ventral rami of _______ L23
Ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric nerve arise from the ventral rami of _______ L1
Genitofemoral nerve arise from the ventral rami of _______ L12
Roots are EITHER_____ OR _______ motor or sensory (ventral = motor, dorsal = sensory)
Rami are BOTH____ AND _______ motor -- sensory (contain a mixture of motor and sensory axons)
All roots ______ unite to form the sciatic nerve L4-S3
All roots ____ unite to form the superior gluteal nerve which role is ______ L4-S1 -- hip abduction, Weight bearing
Hip abduction is stimulated by ________ nerve which originates from the roots L4-S1 superior gluteal
_________nerve is responsible for powerful extension and orginates from the roots L5-S2 inferior gluteal
the head of femur articulates with the______ of the hip bone acetabulum
distal attachment for Iliopsoas is at the _______- lesser trochanter
Greater trochanter provides attachment for the ________________ gluteus medius and Gluteus minimus.
_________ provides attachment for the gluteus medius and Gluteus minimus. Greater trochanter
lesser trochanter provides attachment for the______ Iliopsoas
Gluteal tuberosity on the posterior aspect of the Femer provides attachment for part of the _________. Gluteus maximus
Sartorious attachment, _____________ to the ____________ anterior superior illiac spine --- medial side of upper end of tibia
Pectineus attachment, from ____________ to ____________ superior boarder of pubis - lesser trochanter with iliopsoas
Iliopsoas attaches from the ______________ and ____________to the __________. anterior surface of iliac crest - lumber vertebral column and disc -- lesser trochanter
_______refers to the combination of the psoas major and the iliacus at their inferior ends. Illiopsoas
The______ nerve is the largest branch of the lumbar plexus femoral
Floor of femoral triangle floor is composed of ________________ picteneus, adductor longus and Iliopsoas
The medial boarder of the femoral triangle is the ___________ Adductor longus
The lateral boarder of the femoral triangle is the _________ and the superior boarder is __________ Sartorious, Inguinal ligament
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