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History 7-Baumann

Westward Expansion & Ind. Revolution

Who were Mountain Men? western fur traders and trappers
Mormons moved from New York to the west to seek out religious freedom
President Jackson would not turn Texas into a state because it upset the balance between free and slave states
What did the Treaty of Guadalulpe Hidalgo do? Increased U.S. size by 25%
What group of people got stuck in the mountains and ran out of food resorting to cannibalism? Donner Party
What describes the forty-niners? Gold seekers that went to California
A consequence of the gold rush is the population of California grew by thousands
The population explosion of the gold years helped California become eligible for statehood
Obvious fate is another way of saying what? Manifest Destiny
The Industrial Revolution is defined as period of rapid growth when machines became important
Working conditions in the mills were described as workers suffering from health problems, unsafe conditions and long working hours.
Two new forms of transportation invented during the Transportation Revolution were steam powered train and steamboat
Why was the steamboat good for river travel? It traveled well upstream
Why did locomotives make a good impression on passengers? They went faster than most people had ever gone
In the mid 1800's most of the industry was located in the Northeast
Most factories were built by cities because easier to get workers
Who made the Cotton Gin? Eli Whitney
Mountain men helped the western settlement by carving out east-to-west trails
What philosophy meant the U.S. expanded boundaries to the Pacific Ocean? Manifest Destiny
What event ended in a few years but had a big effect on California? XXXXXXXXXXXX Gold Rush XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Empresarios were agents who brought settlers to Texas
Brigham Young became the Mormon leader after murder of Joseph Smith
Why were Morman persecuted in the 1850's marriage to more than one wife
Who was Stephen F. Austin? empresario that founded a colony
Who were Californios? Mexican colonists living in California
Seized town of Sonoma Bear Flag Revolt
Placer mining is search for gold by washing gravel
Tools used to produce items or to do work are technology
Cause of war between Mexico and the U.S. Border dispute
Who led Mormons to Salt Lake? Brigham Young
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