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18-19 Chapter 10a

Jefferson Becomes President and The Louisiana Purchase (C10S1-2)

John Adams Federalist elected as 2nd President in 1796 who lost the 1800 presidential election to Democratic-Republicans.
Thomas Jefferson Democratic-Republican who defeated John Adams in the presidential election of 1800 and brought different beliefs about the federal government than the Federalists.
John Marshall A Federalist appointed by John Adams to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who wrote the majority opinion in the case of Marbury v. Madison which established the Court's power of judicial review.
Marbury v. Madison A case that established the Supreme Court's power of judicial review, giving the Court a "check" against the powers of the Executive and Legislative branches.
judicial review Established by the Supreme Court and Chief Justice John Marshal which gave the Supreme Court the power to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional.
functions (academic) uses or purposes
Louisiana Purchase The purchase of Louisiana from from France for $15 million by the Jefferson administration, which nearly doubled the size of the United States.
Meriwether Lewis A former army captain chosen by Jefferson to lead an expedition to explore the West after the Louisiana Purchase.
William Clark Co-leader of the western expedition with Lewis.
Lewis and Clark Expedition A long journey to explore the lands purchased under the Louisiana Purchase, hoping to find a river route to the Pacific Ocean.
Sacagawea A Native American (Shoshone) who helped the Lewis and Clark expedition by naming plants and gathering edible fruits and vegetables for the group.
Zebulon Pike An explorer of the West who reached the summit of the mountain now known as Pike's Peak while searching for the Red River which marked the Louisiana Territory's border with New Spain.
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