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The World Stevenson

Unit 1 social studies review

In which country did 2 million refugees flee mass killings in the late 1990's? Rwanda
Three things that lead to cultural diffusion. migration, conquest, and trade
True or False. The lure of jobs is considered a "pull" factor for migration. true
In which type of government system do the citizens elect representatives who make laws? representative democracy
Which country is a world leader in the use of solar energy? China
How did China get the nickname "Bicycle Kingdom?" It is the main form of transportation in China.
True or False. A dictatorial government is not a "push" factor of migration. False
What is an isthmus? A narrow strip of land connecting two large landmasses.
What are the effects of plate tectonics? Volcanoes and earthquakes
In which oceans do most hurricanes occur? Western Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Oceans
Where is the Ring of Fire located? It surrounds the Pacific Ocean.
What is the percentage of salt water on Earth? 97%
What is the biosphere? The collection of plants and animals that live on Earth.
What causes an urban climate to have higher temperatures than a rural climate? Buildings and pavement absorb and reflect the sun's heat.
What types of vegetation would be found in the subarctic climate zone? Coniferous forests
What are two examples of where marine west coast climate zones are located in the world? Northwestern Europe and northwestern United States
When does precipitation occur? When hot air rises and then cools.
What determines how much water vapor the air holds? The air's temperature.
How many major world religions exist? 5
What type of geographer helps plan a city or aid in international business? Human geographer
How many days does it take the Earth to make one complete circuit around the sun? 365 1/4
When does the noon sun fall directly over the Equator? During the spring and fall equinoxes.
What is another name for the Prime Meridian? The meridian that goes through Greenwich, England.
Which hemisphere has the season of summer during the winter solstice? Southern Hemisphere
Is most of Africa located in the eastern or western hemisphere? Eastern hemisphere
What does a scale on a map provide? It measures distance
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