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Social Studies

Flynn Social Studies My World Chapter 3 Vocabulary

indentured servant A person who agrees to work for a set period of time without pay, in exchange for necessities such as transportation, food, clothing, and shelter
Pilgrim A person who makes a journey for religious reasons
Mayflower Compact An agreement made by the Pilgrims to govern themselves and make just laws
Puritan An early settler who left England so he or she could practice a religion freely
missionary A person sent to a new land to spread his or her religion
class structure The organization of people in a society according to wealth and power
encomienda A gift of land by the king of Spain, which gave a person control over the land and the people living there.
monarch A ruler
representative A person chosen to act on behalf of others
cash crop A crop that is grown to sell, rather than to be used by the grower
investor A person who risks money in a business, hoping to earn a profit
House of Burgesses The first legislative body in the American colonies; in Virginia, this body included representatives elected by the colony's landowners
drought A long period without rain
commerce The buying and selling of products on a large scale
Northwest Passage A mythical shortcut by water from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean
Created by: bflynn