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Unit 3 Review

Review Unit 3 Post Assessment

The 10th Amendment limits the power of the federal government, by reserving all unspecified powers to who? The states
The right to bear arms is guaranteed by what amendment? The 2nd Amendment
For government officials to search a person’s house, papers, or effects, they must have a valid ____. Warrant
What document is part of the constitution, made up of 10 amendments, and protects individual rights? Bill of Rights
The national government is divided into the legislative, judicial, and ____ branches. Executive
The 5th Amendment provides protections for the accused or any citizen against ____. Double Jeopardy
The Constitution gives the federal government the necessary power to protect itself against rebellions or attacks. Article IV give the national government the power to maintain a __________. Military
In addition to prohibiting excessive bail and fines, what other protection does the Eighth Amendment provide? Cruel and unusual punishment
Why did President Washington warn the American people against political parties? He thought they were to powerful
What amendment assures a jury trial in most civil cases? The 7th Amendment
Alexander Hamilton was appointed as the __________. Secretary of Treasury
The _____________ wanted a strong national government and believed that there should be a loose interpretation of the Constitution. Federalists
The ___________________ wanted strong state governments and believed in a strict interpretation of the Constitution. Democratic Republicans
How did the 12th amendment change elections? It changed the process of electing a president and vice-president.
Before he left office, President Adams appointed some judges to the Supreme Court at the last minute. These appointment papers were not delivered in time and someone sued to become a judge. This Supreme Court case is known as _________. Marbury vs. Madison
Hamilton’s Financial Plan included creating a _______________ National Bank
Created by: Rhiana311