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Renaissance Review

1485 Battle of Bosworth Field
1603 Death of Elizabeth/Rise of James I
1453 Fall of Constantinople
1517 Protestant Reformation/Martin Luther nails 95 theses
1415 Battle of Agincourt
1348-1350 Black Death
1492 Columbus sails
1476 Printing comes to England
1588 Attack of the Spanish Armada
April 23, 1564 Shakespeare’s birth
April 26, 1564 Shakespeare’s baptism
April 23, 1616 Shakespeare’s death
Richard III Lost Bosworth Field
Henry Tudor/Henry VII Won Bosworth Field
Petrarch Created sonnet form
Boccoccio Wrote Decameron/influenced Chaucer
Giotto Painter who dealt with perspective
Brunelleschi Architect
Raphael Ninja Turtle/Painter/Sistine Madonna
Donatello Ninja Turtle/Sculptor
Lorenzo de Medici Patron of Renaissance artists
Leonardo da Vinci Painter of Mona Lisa, Last Supper/Inventor
Michelangelo Sculptor of David/Painter of Sistine ceiling
Martin Luther Nailed 95 theses/began Protestant Reformation
Gutenberg Invented moveable-type printing
Caxton Brought printing to England
Henry VIII Renaissance Man
Erasmus Tutored Henry VIII
Kathryn of Aragon Mother of Mary
Anne Boleyn Mother of Elizabeth
Jane Seymour Mother of Edward
Cardinal Wolsey Henry VIII’s church advisor
Thomas More Henry VIII’s secular advisor/wrote Utopia
Thomas Cranmer Henry VIII’s archbishop/gave him his divorce
Edward VI Henry VIII’s son
Jane Grey Queen for ten days after her cousin died
Mary I Blood Queen who persecuted protestants
Elizabeth I “Virgin” Queen
Roger Ascham Tutored Elizabeth
Sir Francis Drake Elizabeth I’s admiral/defeated the Armada
James VI/James I Became King when Elizabeth died
Sir Thomas Wyatt Brought sonnet form to England
Sir Edmund Spenser Created his own sonnet form
Sir Philip Sidney Created sonnet cycle
Christopher Marlowe Contemporary playwright with Shakespeare
Goethe Wrote Faust
Sir Walter Raleigh Founded NC
William Shakespeare Author of plays/sonnets/Macbeth
John Shakespeare Shakespeare’s father
Mary Arden Shakespeare’s mother
Anne Hathaway Shakespeare’s wife
Susanna, Judith, Hamnet Shakespeare’s children
Stratford upon Avon Shakespeare’s birthplace
Earl of Southampton Patron of Shakespeare’s poetry
Lord Chamberlain Patron of Shakespeare’s plays
Renaissance Rebirth of the ideas of the Greeks/Romans
Constantinople Fall of this city precipitated renaissance
Decameron Boccaccio’s collection of 100 tales
Humanism Belief that man can do anything
Fidei Defensor Defender of the faith
Utopia Perfect world
Spanish Armada Navy that attacked England in 1588
Tottel’s Miscellany Collection of sonnets by Wyatt and Howard
Sonnetto Little song
Lyric Short, expressing the thoughts/feelings of single speaker
Iambic Pentameter A pattern of five unstressed and stressed syllables
Octave Eight-line stanza
Sestet Six-line stanza
Volta Dramatic shift in thought
Quatrain Four-line stanza
Couplet Two-line stanza
Faerie Queene Spencer’s love poem for Elizabeth I
Apostrophe Addressing something as if it can respond
Amoretti Little love poems by Spencer
Sonnet Cycle Collection of sonnets for unattainable love
Astrophel and Stella Star lover and star
Dr. Faustus Marlowe’s play about selling one’s soul
Faust Legend in which a man sells his soul to Satan
Globe Shakespeare’s theater
King’s Men Shakespeare’s acting company
Macbeth Shakespeare’s Scottish play (the one we read)
Created by: dcorley