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20 Question Review

Science Class Block 2 By: Ethan Hancock

What is a Voluntary Muscle? A voluntary muscle is a muscle under conscious control.
What does a Tendon do? A Tendon connects muscle to bone.
What are the three type of muscles? Cardiac, Striated, & Smooth.
Is the following sentence true or false? Skeletal muscles react quickly and tire easily True
What is controlled by a involuntary muscle? A. smiling, B. Breathing C. Walking, D Standing Up B. Breathing
What is Cartilage? Cartilage is is a type of connective tissue that is more flexible than bone
What are the four type of joints? Hinge, Pivot, Ball-and-Socket, Gliding.
What bone protects the brain? The Skull
What is a Hinge joint? A hinge joint allows forward and backward motion.
What does a ligament do? A ligament connects bone to bone.
What is melanin? Melanin is a pigment, or colored substance, that gives skin color.
What is the Dermis? The dermis is the inner layer of the skin.
What is the Epidermis? The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin.
Where do hairs grow from? Hairs grow from the Follicles.
What are Pores? Openings in the skin where sweat exits.
What is mucus? Mucus is a slippery substance produced by the body.
What does the epiglottis do? The Epiglottis seals of the wind-pipe.
What is a esophagus? A esophagus connects the mouth to the stomach.
What is Saliva? Fluid released when your mouth waters.
What does a Enzyme do? Enzyme are proteins that speed up chemical reactions in the body.
Created by: ethan.hancock