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6th Grade

Unit 2: Physical Geography

Which theme of geography describes the special features or characteristics of a location that make it different? Place
Which theme describes areas that share common characteristics such as climate or landforms? Region
What are the two types of place? Human and Physical
What are physical places? Places made by nature like landforms.
What are human places? Places made by humans like schools, malls and cities.
What do you call shapes on the earth's surface? Landforms
What is the process by which rock is broken down into smaller pieces? Weathering
What is the movement of sediment from one location to another? Erosion
What types of landforms do most people choose to live? Lakes, rivers and plains
What is the largest mountain chain in South America? Andes Mts.
What is the largest mountain chain in North America? Rocky Mts.
The Rio Grande forms the border between what two countries? USA and Mexico
The Hudson Bay is the biggest bay in what North American country? Canada
Name three of the biggest rivers in the world. Mississippi, Amazon, Colorado, Yukon, St.Lawrence, Missouri, Rio Grande, Nile, Volga, Parana, Danube...
Central America is one of these because it is a narrow strip of land joining two larger sections of land. Isthmus
Michigan is this type of landform. Peninsula
What is an archipelago? Chain of islands
Where in the world could you find an archipelago? Hawaii, Caribbean Islands, Philippines, Alaska's Aleutian Islands, Bahamas
The collision of these is how huge mountains are created. continental plates
Most early settlements were built near these. rivers, deltas
This theme of geography explains where places are. location
This type of location tells where something exactly is located. Absolute
This type of location gives a general description of where something is. Relative
Name the cardinal directions. north, south, east, west
These imaginary lines make up the global grid latitude and longitude
Latitude and longitude lines make up this global grid
The zero line of longitude Prime Meridian
The zero line of latitude Equator
Name the two polar regions of latitude Arctic Circle and Antarctic Circle
Between what two latitude lines would you find the tropical regions of the world? Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn
Name the three types of maps Political, physical and thematic
This type of map shows a special topic like climate or population. Thematic map
This type of map shows land elevation and landforms Physical map
This type of map shows borders of continents, countries, states and important cities. Political map
Name two forces found below earth's surface. Underwater volcanoes, earthquakes, sliding plates
What is the theory that Earth's surface is divided into more the 12 slow moving plates? Plate tectonics
What are the large landmasses that are part of Earth's crust? continents
Name two forces on Earth's surface. Weathering, erosion, changes in temperature
How do landforms influence life? Jobs, where people settle, food choices, activity choices
What is formed when two ocean plates collide? Trenches or ocean valleys
What often occurs along faults where there are breaks in the Earth's crust where movement occurs? Earthquakes
What is a challenge of living near mountains? answers will vary
What is an opportunity of living near mountains? answers will vary
What is a challenge of living near a river? answers will vary
What is an opportunity of living near a river? answers will vary
What do you call the height of land above sea level? Elevation
This landform is the best farming region in the USA. Great Plains
This is the largest bay in Canada. Hudson Bay
This large desert is found in North Africa. Sahara Desert
This famous landform is spread across much of northeast South America and is home to the largest river in the Western Hemisphere. Amazon Basin or Amazon Rainforest
This physical feature of Central America provides a link between the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Panama Canal
What do you call high, flat land rising steeply above other land. Plateau
What do you call the spread of desert like conditions into fertile non-desert regions? desertification
What do you dry land, lacking water? drought
What is it called when natural physical processes are unpredictable and have a negative effect on people or the environment? natural hazard
Gives three examples of natural hazards. Earthquake, tsunami, cyclone, hurricane, tornado, flood, volcano eruption, avalanche, blizzard, drought
What is it called when a natural hazard is so extreme it triggers severe human consequences such as widespread damage, injury, loss of life or property and the community cannot cope? natural disaster
What is the extent to which an area or structure risks being damaged by a disaster called? vulnerability
Why are developing nations more vulnerable to natural disasters? The countries are poorer and tend to lack infrastructure-roads, buildings,
What are some major effects of a natural disaster? Loss of life, disease, health problems, loss of family, loss of home, job displacement, etc.
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