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Chapter 4-Wahlig

People follow ________ when they celebrate holidays. traditions
________celebrate Eid-al-Fitr when __________is over. Muslims Ramadan
________is celebrated by African Americans to honor their ancestors Kwanza
____________decorate trees and celebrate the birth of ______on Christmas. Christians Jesus
No matter which holiday is being celebrated, families share a special_______. meal
People of _________culture celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Irish
People of Spanish culture celebrate ______ ___ ______. Cinco de Mayo
Several holidays show that people are proud of their________. culture
Communities hold their own special celebrations to ________ ________ ________. bring people together
The heritage festival in ______ ________is unique because it honors the history and culture of the people. New Orleans
Every year in ____________, ________ a state fair is held. Hutchinson, Kansas
_______ bring people together to celebrate the hard work they have done all year. Fairs
Some _________holiday celebrations honor those who fought or died in wars to keep our country free. national
On _________ ______ and __________ ______, we honor people who fought and died for the United States. Memorial Day Veterans Day
Memorial Day is celebrated on the last __________ in _____. Monday May
On November 11th, we celebrate____________ ______. Veterans Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a national holiday that remembers a fight for______________. freedom
Martin Luther King, Jr. used _______to fight for all people to be treated __________. words equally
The ________ ________ _________was led by Martin Luther King, Jr. Civil Rights Movement
Families celebrate holidays with special _____ prepared with _______to enjoy time ____________. meals love together
Created by: Mrs. Logan