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Chem/Phy Changes

Chemical and Physical Changes

Physical Change A change that affects one or more physical properties of a substance, but does NOT change the identity of the substance.
Solubility The ability to dissolve in another substance (physical property)
Physical Properties Identify or describe an object without changing it in any way.
Boiling Point The temperature at which a substance changes from a liquid to a gas.
Ductility The ability to be pulled into a thin strand, like a wire.
Malleability A property that describes the ability of a material to be rolled or hammered into thin sheets
Physical or Chemical Change? Digesting Halloween Candy Chemical- sound, new substance, irreversible
Physical or Chemical Change? Baking a pumpkin pie Chemical- odor, color change, applying heat
Chemical Change When 2 or more substances chemically combine to form a NEW substance with NEW and different properties
Physical or Chemical Change? I snap a glow-stick and it gives off light Chemical- color change, light produced, irreversible
Melting Point The temperature at which a substance changes from a solid to liquid.
Physical or Chemical Change? Tying your shoelaces Physical- changing shape
Physical or Chemical Change? I browned taco meat on the stove Chemical- heat, odor produced, color change, sound
Conductivity A property that describes if heat or electrical charges pass through material easily
Chemical or Physical Change? Hydrogen and Chlorine chemically combine to form the compound Hydrogen Chloride Chemical- substances combine chemically and lose their old properties and form NEW properties
Length The distance between 2 points
Physical or Chemical Change? Adding honey to tea Physical- solubility. No new substance was formed.
Physical or Chemical Change? I put on clown make-up for Halloween Physical- no new substance was formed
Luster The way the surface of a mineral reflects light- either metallic or non-metallic
Density The amount of matter in a given space
Physical or Chemical Change? Blending fruit for a smoothie Physical- still just fruit, shape change, mixture
Physical or Chemical Change? Mixing together Coke and Dr. Pepper Physical- just a mixture. No new substance was formed.
State of Matter Solid, liquid, or gas
Volume The amount of space an object takes up
Physical or Chemical Change? Carving a pumpkin Physical- change in size and shape. It's still a pumpkin.
Precipitate A solid forms from 2 or more liquids (chemical change)
Mass The amount of matter in an object
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