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Ch 8 joints practice

Multiple choice

Saddle joints have concave and convex surfaces. Name the 2 bones of the hand that form a saddle joint: The trapezium of the carpal bone and the thumb's metacarpal.
A fibrous joint that is a peg-in-socket is called a _____ joint. Gomphosis joint
What do the cruciate ligaments of the knee prevent? hyperextension of the knee.
If a patient was suffering from bursitis, this condition would be designated as inflammation of a______: small sac containing fluid.
What is an immovable joint found only between skull bones called? Suture
What does the Articular cartilage found at the ends of the long bones do? Provides a smooth surface at the ends of synovial joints.
Which joint is united by dense fibrocartilaginous tissue that usually permits a slight degree of movement? Symphyses (growing together & shock absorber)
On the basis of structural classification, which joint is fibrous connective tissue? Syndesmosis
What are connective tissue sacs lined with synovial membranes that act as cushions in places where friction develops called? Bursae
What are articulations permitting only slight degrees of movement called? Amphiarthroses
Which joint type affords uniaxial movement? Hinge
What are type of joints are synchondroses? cartilaginous joints
What does the plane joint accomplish? The gliding motion of the wrist.
What are the ligaments that protect the alignment of the femoral and tibial condyles and limit movement of the femur anteriorly and posteriorly called? Cruciate ligaments
Bending your head back until it hurts is an example of: Hyperextension
What is true of the classification of synovial joints? They are all freely movable diathroses.
Which joints permit essentially no movement? Synarthrotic joints
What type of joint are Sutures, syndesmoses, and gomphoses classified as? Fibrous joints
In symphysis joints the articular surfaces of bones are covered with what type of cartilage? Hyaline cartilage
What does synovial fluid that is present in joint cavities of freely movable joints contain? It contains hyaluronic acid.
What are cartilaginous joints where hyaline cartilage unites the ends of bones called? Synchondroses
What does menisci refer to? Semilunar cartilage pads
What type of movement occurs at the intercarpal and intertarsal joints? Gliding movements
What is it called when someone is moving a limb away from the median plane of the body along the frontal plane? abduction
The terms Inversion and eversion pertain only to: The feet
What is a good example of a multiaxial synovial joint? The hip joint
What kind of movement is allowed in a pivot joint? Uniaxial rotation
Compared to the shoulder, displacements of the hip joints are: Rare because of the ligament reinforcement
What is the name of the ligament that holds the radius to the ulna at the proximal end? Annular ligament
Which ligament of the knee initiates the knee-jerk reflex when tapped? The patellar ligament
Football players often sustain lateral blows to the extended knee, which ligaments are damaged as a result? Medial collateral, medial meniscus, and anterior cruciate ligaments.
What is generally considered a noninflammatory type of arthritis? Osteoarthritis
Gouty arthritis is a painful condition caused by what? Excessive blood levels of uric acid deposited as crystals in the soft tissue joints.
When a ballerina points the toes, it is known as what? plantar flexion
What does the annular ligament surround? The head of the radius
Multiaxial joints of the body include: The hip and the shoulder
Presence of a synovial cavity, articular cartilage, synovial membrane, and ligaments are characteristics of what type of joint? A hinge joint
Extracapsular ligaments stabilizing the knee include: Lateral and medial collateral ligaments preventing lateral or medial angular movements.
What is true about the development of joints? joints develop in parallel with bones.
What is an example of an interosseous fibrous joint? The radius and ulna along its length.
Which type of movement changes (increase or decrease) the angle between 2 bones? Angular movements
What do tendon sheaths do? Act as friction- reducing structures.
What is the name of a bacterial disease that is transmitted by the bite of a tick? Lyme disease
Created by: Chanellenae
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