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Chapter 3-Wahlig

Why do people move to new communities? They move move because they have the opportunity to make something better happen for their family.
An immigrant may discover that schools in the U.S. are almost like their old school. TRUE or FALSE TRUE
An immigrant will bring their language with them, but can learn to speak English from their______________. friends
What are 3 reasons that immigrants formed communities in the United States? 1) to feel safe 2) to make their lives better 3) to set up good laws
What do you call relatives who lived in the past? ancestors
Why are there many languages spoken in the United States? Because people come here from many different cultures and countries
Between 1861 and 1890, few people immigrated to the United States from__________. Mexico
During the great migration, many African Americans moved to the North to cities like_________,__________, and_________. New York, Chicago, and Pittsburgh
African Americans moved north during the great migration hoping to get___________________________. good jobs in the factories there
Why should citizens in the U.S. vote? They can help make decisions that affect their community.
How is education today different from education in the past? Today children learn about computers.
When families move to new countries, they need to be prepared to _____________ and________________. learn a new language eat different foods
What would probably stay the same if you moved to a new country? the clothes you wear
In Ethnic neighborhoods people speak_________________. in their home language
People can't eat foods they had back in their homeland in Ethnic neighborhoods. TRUE or FALSE FALSE - they can
Created by: Mrs. Logan