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Ohio Chapter 2

How is coal formed? soft, green plants that died millions of years ago were buried under mud and sand. They hardened and became coal.
What is a nonrenewable resource? Resources that cannot be replaced
What is a nonrenewable resource found in Ohio? Coal and oil
Define fuel Natural resources used to make heat and energy
Define minerals Natural resources found in the ground
What is a renewable resource? Resources that can be renewed or replaced.
What is a renewable resource found in Ohio? water and trees
What was the first mineral mined in Ohio? Salt
How do people make use of forest products? For paper, fenceposts, and furniture
What is Ohio's most important resource? People
Define conservation The careful use of our natural resources
Define agriculture Farming
Describe the soil in the Interior Plains Very fertile
Which area of Ohio has the richest soil? The Lake Plains
Define the Black Swamp. An area in northwestern Ohio that used to stay wet and muddy
Define irrigation. The use of ditches or pipes to bring water into the field
Define aquifers A layer of rock or gravel that traps water underground to help water the fields.
Define growing season The number of days in a year when the weather is warm enough for crops to grow. Ohio = 140-200 days!