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Ray Kwon

burden a physical weight or an emotional load Mom, do you care about me or am I just a burden? Synonyms: problem, worry. Other forms: The word can be used as a verb, as in: He would burden her with pointless talking.
conserve to protect from loss, to use carefully. My brother learned to conserve his allowance by not buying too many video games. Antonyms: to lose, spend, destroy. Other forms: Bill fought for the conservation (noun) of old buildings in his town.
contaminate to make impure or unclean by contact or mixture.He couldn’t eat peanut butter that had been contaminated by grape jelly. Synonyms: to pollute, poison. Antonyms: to purify, sanitize. Other forms: Poison water is contaminated (adj) due to some kind of cont
formulate to create or invent; to state precisely. Veronica usually formulates her answer from things she knew before. Other forms: A formula (noun) is a fixed way of doing something.
improvise make things up as the situation goes along. Since Ms. Walters is never prepared, she improvises a lot when she teaches. Synonyms: to invent, (adj) Other forms: The act of making something up is called an improvisation (noun).
likeness an image similar to someone or something. The artist impressed everyone with the incredible likeness of the president in his portrait. Synonyms: similarity, resemblance
manipulate to control something to one’s advantage, or by using the hands. I was tired of watching my little sister manipulate my parents into doing whatever she wanted. Synonyms: to control, influence. Other forms: Someone who manipulates something often becomes kn
minute exceptionally small, usually a part of something It was astonishing to think that all things were made of minute particles like atoms and molecules. Synonyms: tiny, miniature, microscopic Antonyms: large, enormous, gargantuan. Other forms: Small, minor d
pursue to follow or chase with determination. The cop swore he would pursue the bank robber no matter how long it took to catch him. Other forms: Something that is pursued is a pursuit (noun).
retrieve to get something back Susan needed to retrieve her hat from the closet before she would go outside. Synonyms: to recover, reclaim Other forms: The act of getting something back is its retrieval (noun).
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