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Chemistry Review

Fletcher's 8th grade Chemistry TEST Review

Transmutation When an atom decays and becomes another element
Positive the nucleus of an atom has this type of a charge
Ductile Metals can be drawn into thin wires because they are _______
Metalloids Elements having properties of both metals and non-metals
Periodic Something with a regular repeating pattern is called ______
Mixture 2 or more substances mixed but not chemically combined
Neutral The type of charge found in Neutrons
Endothermic A chemical reaction in which more heat energy is drawn in than given off
Proton The positive subatomic particle of the atom
Democritus The first person to propose the idea of the atom
Compound Two or more different elements chemically combined
Valance The number of electrons on the outer most energy level of an atom
Balanced An equation in which the reactant atoms are exactly the same as the product atoms
Molecule Two or more atoms chemically combined
Isotope Atoms of the same element with different #'s of neutrons
Hydrogen There are 2 atoms of ______ in a molecule of water
Alkali Metals The family of elements with the most highly active solids
Nucleus The part of the atom that gives it its mass
Reactants The substances on the left side of a chemical equation
Metals Elements to the left of the zigzag line on the periodic table
JJ Thompson His experiments gave evidence of electrons
Nobel Gasses The elements in family 18 on the P.Table are called ____
Coefficient A number that CAN be changed when balancing chemical equations
Subscript A number that can NOT be changed when balancing chemical equations
Family Elements found in a column on the periodic table
Halflife The amount of time that it takes for half of a radioactive samble to decay
Rutherford His experiment showed that atoms are mostly empty space
Malleable Metals can be hammered into thin sheets because they are ___
Period Elements on the periodic table with the same # of energy rings
Yields The arrow in a chemical equation
Created by: coach_fletcher