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Chapter 1

Classifying Living Things

Something too small to be seen with the eyes alone is______________. Microscopic
The oldest living organisms are ________________. Bacteria
Algae and protozoans are ______________ . Protists
Animals with a backbone are called ______________. Vertebrates
All living things are called __________________. Organisms
Animals without a backbone are called___________________. Invertebrates
A plant with tubes or channels is _______________. Vasuclar
A plant without tubes or channels is _________________. Nonvascular
What are the basic building blocks of life? Cells
What controls all the functions of a cell? Nucleus
What type of organism is the most numerous on earth? Bacteria
What type of plant grows larger? Vascular or Nonvascular Vascular
Into what two categories are humans classified? Vertebrates, Invertebrates Mammals, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Fish Vertebrates and Mammals
Name 3 vascular plants. apple trees, roses, tomato plants, oak trees, etc.
What is the difference between vascular and nonvascular plants? Vascular plants have tubes that carry water and nutrients and nonvascular plants do not have tubes.
How are bacteria cells different from other cells? A bacteria cell has no nucleus.
What are the differences between a plant and animal cell? Plant cells have a chloroplast, a hard cell wall, and are square in shape. Animal cells have no chloroplast or cell wall and they are rectangular in shape.
List some ways that bacteria are helpful. 1. Breakdown dead organisms 2. Clean up oil spills 3. Produce oxygen 4. Fight diseases (medicines)
What types of plants reproduce from spores? Ferns and Bryophytes. Bryophytes include mosses, hornworts and liverworts.
What types of plants reproduce from seeds? Trees, Flowers, (any plant that produces flowers or fruit)
What do all arthropods have in common? Hard outer shell and jointed legs
Name the 5 Kingdoms of Life. Animals, Plants, Fungi, Protists, and Bacteria
Created by: Mrs. Furlong