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FCCLA History

Statesman Exam Study Guide

when was the organization founded June 11, 1945
during the year of 1945, what was the name of the organization that was founded for African Americans in 16 states where schools were segregated by state law New Homemakers of America
what other names has the organization been called Future Homemakers of America, New Homemakers of America
Future Homemakers of America and New Homemakers of America merged during what year 1965
when was the first national convention held July 1948
where was the first national convention held Kansas City, MO
how many delegates attended the first national meeting 2,000 delegates
when was the official opening ceremony for the current national headquarters and leadership in Reston, VA held 1983
when was the organization's first male national officer elected July 1973
when did STAR Events begin 1983 National Leadership Meeting
when did the series of national regional meetings called Cluster Meetings begin 1983
in the winter of 1985, what publication was introduced for chapter advisers The Adviser
when was the first male National President elected July 1986
when did the organization change its name from Future Homemakers of America to FCCLA July 1999
STOP (Students Taking On Prevention) the Violence was introduced at which National Meeting July 2000 in Orlando, FL
Georgia was the ________ state to affiliate with the national association Second
when was the first state convention held June 1946
where was the first state convention held State FFA-FHA Camp
what year was the first Georgian elected to a National Office 1946
what year was the first -and only- Georgian to be elected National President, elected? 1969
how many National Officers has the Georgia Association had Thirteen
when was the first African American State President of the Georgia Association of Future Homemakers elected 1972
what year did the GA Association of FCCLA have its first male state officer 1981-82
where was Georgia's first male officer from Tri-County High
how many Japanese Exchange Student Scholarship winners has Georgia had Twelve
what year and where did national FCCLA pilot a postsecondary program and offer STAR Events competitions to postsecondary 2012 National Leadership Conference in Orlando, FL
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