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FCCLA Knowledge

Statesman Exam Study Guide

what does FCCLA stand for Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America
what is the tagline for FCCLA The Ultimate Leadership Experience
name 5 current youth concerns FCCLA focuses on Teen Pregnancy, Parenting, Family Relationships, Substance Abuse, Peer Pressure, Environment, Nutrition & Fitness, Teen Violence, Career Exploration, Entrepreneurship
what is the flower of the organization The red rose
what does the flower of represent the search for beauty in everyday life
what is the motto Toward New Horizons
list the 5 components of the planning process 1) Identify concerns 2) Set your goal 3) Form a plan 4) Act 5) Follow up
what are the colors of FCCLA red & white
what do the colors represnt Red= strength, White= sincereity Colors inspire members with courage and determination to succeed
what is the mission of the organization Promote personal growth/leadership development through family & consumer sciences,focusing on multiple roles: family member/wage earner/ community leader/ members develop life skills through character development/creative&critical thinking/communication
what are 4 of the 8 purposes of the organization 1)provide opportunities for personal development/life prep 2)strengthen function of family unit 3)encourage democracy in home/community 4)encourage involvement to obtain global cooperation/harmony 5)promote greater understanding between adults/youth
what are 4 of the 8 purposes of the organization 5)promote greater understanding between adults/youth 6)provide decision making opportunities/assume responsibilities 7)prepare for multiple roles of society 8)promote family & consumer sciences and related occupations
local groups of FCCLA are known as Chapters
meetings should be open and closed with the official ______ Ceremonies
FCCLA is the only school group with ______ as its main focus Family
FCCLA provides opportunites for active student participation at which levels (3) National, State, Local
where will the national meeting be held in 2017 Nashville, TN
how many national officers (students) are elected by voting delegates at the annual National Leadership Meeting 10
what is the name of the National Magazine Teen Times
leadership training meetings held in different cities throughout the country in the fall, are called ______ Cluster Meetings
what is the state theme for this year Explore the Unlimited Possibilities
where is the headquarters fro the state association located Lawerenceville, GA
how many FCCLA regions are in the state of GA 9
how many state officers are there this year 10
the official publication of the GA assocation is_______ Georgia News
what is the national theme this year Unlimited Possibilities
what does CTAE stand for Career, Technical and Agricultural Education
what is the program which allows for one member from each chapter to serve as a link between their chapter and the state office Connection Team
name the group of 9 students that helps to coordinate the work of the state connection team Region Officers
name the two camping centers located in GA Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center State FFA-FCCLA Camp John Hope
name the big state event held in the fall at the GA National Fairgrounds Fall Leadership Rally
during what month is the State Leadership Meeting held, and where March in Athens
the national program which encourages members to eat right, get fit, and feel good about themselves is called _______ Student Body
the national program which teaches teens to manage their money is called _______ Financial Fitness
the national program which promotes job readiness is called _______ Career Connection
the national program which promotes highway traffic safety is called ________ FACTS (Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety)
the national program which uses peer education to strengthen families is called ________ Families First
the individual project recognition program is called ________ Power of One
the national program that is a peer-to-peer outreach initiative that empowers young people to recognize, report, and reduce the potential for youth violence is called __________ Stop the Violence
name the five units of Power of One 1) A Better You 2) Family Ties 3) Working on Working 4) Take the Lead 5) Speak out for FCCLA
name the program that recognizes advisers who oversee strong and active chapters Master Adviser
name the program that recognizes advisers who spend several years assisting and training new chapter members Adviser Mentor
name the competitive events program that recogmizes members for profiencey and acheivement in leadership and job related skills STAR Events
what does STAR stand for Students Taking Action with Recognition
what is the program designed to help new members learn about FCCLA Step One
what are the 3 R's of the STOP violence program 1) Recognize 2) Report 3) Reduce
in which STAR Events area do members plan and conduct a child development related project Focus on Children
in which STAR Events area do members go through all the steps of obtaining employment Job Interview
in which STAR Events area do members develop a messon plan and present a lesson for small children Early Childhood Education
in which STAR Events area do members make an oral presentation about issues related to family and consumer sciences Illustrated Talk
in which STAR Events area do members demonstrate skill in teamwork and food service techniques Culinary Arts
who may enter the senior division Students in grades 10-12
what are the 4 levels of competition in STAR events Local, Regional, State, National
what is the Georgia FCCLA website address www.gafccla.com
what is the state recognition program for chapters with a strong overall program of work Honor Roll
where is the National FCCLA Headquarters located Reston, VA
who may enter the Junior division Students up through grade 9
adults who are interested in supporting the goals of the organization may become____________________ members Alumni & Associates
what is the current membership of the Georgia Association Over 16,500
what is the state training program which focuses on developing local chapter officers and is held at Camp John Hope in Fort Valley DISCOVER Training
state the officer's portion of the opening ceremony "Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner, and community leader, members develop skills for life through character development, creative & critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation."
state the members portion of the opening ceremony "As we work toward the accomplishment of our goals, we learn cooperation, take responsibilty, develop leadership and give service."
state the creed of the organization We are the FCCLA.We face the future with warm courage&high hope.For we have the clear consciouness of seeking old&precious values.For we are the builders of homes,Homes for America's future.Homes where living will be the expression of everything good&fair
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