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This is a look at the pretest,click on target, added slides.

Bloom et al.'s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives measures cognitive ability in which level? A. Organization B. Responding C. Synthesis D. Receiving
What is the purpose of the affective domain? A. To construct meaning from state standards B. To address feelings, emotions, values, and judgement C. To address higher and lower order thinking skills D. To address physical actions, tactile involvement, and reflex actions
To provide a form of summative assessment Post-Test
To systematically organize evidence that reflects growth and development Portfolio
To plan and assess learning during instructional activities Formative Assessment
To summarize criteria according to different levels of performance Rubric
Provide information that will enable the teacher to better plan effective instruction Pre-test
Determine teacher effectiveness as related to evidence of student Work Sample
Determine individual student's standing within a group Competitive Evaluation
Require students to apply skills and knowledge in real-life situation Authentic Assessment
Require students to periodically write about social climate and activities Journals and blogs
Which Statement describes contructivism? A. Learners use 3 sequential modes of learning B. Learning's based on developmentally appropriate education C. Learning's enhanced and extended by interacting with significant others D Learners individually discover and build their own knowledge
Students who have difficulty processing complex concepts Concept maps
Students who struggle in mathematics Manipulatives
Students who struggle with reading Recorded books
Students who have difficulty with motor skills Scribes
What are the 3 stages of backward design in instructional planning? A. Provide instruction, reteach, test B. Identify desired outcomes, assess, plan learning experience and instruction C. Evaluate post-test, provide instruction, plan the next learning activity. D. Differentiate, adapt instruction, assess
Which type of information found in a cumulative record is important to review during a parent conference? A. Rubrics of Completed Projects B. Book Reports C. Student Portfolios D. Standardized Test Results
Hierarchical listing of cognitive domain levels related to critical thinking Bloom's Taxonomy
Clear and measurable statements of instructional intent Objective
State or national mandates of what students should know, understand, and be able to do Standard
Framework of skills in the affective domain covering attitudes, emotions, and values Krathwohl's Taxonomy
A teacher is covering the different types of currency used in north and south America. The teacher would like to use activites that meet the needs of the Logical-Mathematical learners in the classroom. Which TWO activities would meet this goal? A. Classification activities B. Word games targeting currency vocabulary C. Physical games D. Games that utilize different forms of currency E. Choral reading of real-life stories exploring currency
On the first day of school, students share personal interest during an ice breaker group activity to create an effective classroom learning community. What is the taxonomy for this instructional activity? A. Affective Domain-Organization Level B. Cognitive Domain-Applying Level C. Affective Domain-Characterizing by Value Complex D. Cognitive Domain-Synthesis Level
What is a characteristic of learning outcome statements? A. Follow principles of backward design models for curriculum mapping. B. Assist teachers in diagnosing student learning problems C. Based on methodologies & strategies available to the teacher D. Written in overt & measurable terms
A teacher plans a social studies lesson based on the following standard: Determine the influence of geography on indigenous community location and development Which objective aligns with the standard? A. Describe traditions & foods of an indig. community B. Compare/contrast major ecosystems common 2 indig. ppl C. Use topographical map 2 analyze feat. common 2 indig. D. Identify persons from different indig. cultures from photos
What is a component of effective direct instruction? A. Teach basic skills that are fundamental 2 more complex activities B. Assign less structured topics C. Initiate scientific investigations to explore various aspects of an event D. Give fact-oriented feedback that promotes memorization.
A teacher has 1 child that's autistic with a full-time aid. 1 has palsy, minimal use of hands, and confined to a wheelchair, no mental impairments. 2 are gifted.. How should students with special needs be evaluated during a whole-group instruction? They should be evaluated: A. Against grade-level general ed peers B. Against students with the same disability C. Against lower-performing general ed peers D.Against their own past and present performance
A teacher places 5 to 8 students in a panel group. What is the outcome activity for this task? A. The students identify and solve an assigned problem B. The students generate answers to questions C. The students clarify elements of a lecture D. The students prepare and present an informal discussion
Which strategy should teachers use to select online learning resources? Review online resources: A. B4 teaching 2 determine if it'll support learning B. 2 get equipment needed 2 be purchased C. As they're being used 2 gain an understanding from students D. 2 determine time 4 development that needs 2 occur that year.
How can teachers monitor and evaluate student engagement with resources? A. Increase the use of reflective practice B. Establish credibility at the beginning of the year C. Maintain weekly individual student-teacher conferences D. Use a seating chart record of classroom behaviors
A 4th grade teacher wants her students to interact with varied learning resources to heighten their learning experiences. Which 2 Strategies enable to the teacher to manage, track, and analyze the types of resources each student is using? Choose 2: A. Increase the use of multimedia presentations B. Implement weekly conferences with each student C. Have students fill out a weekly checklist for the resources used D. Implement a seating chart record of classroom behaviors
Students are put into pairs and given a poem selected by the teacher. The partners discuss what the poem is about and how it is written. They write a rhyming poem together. Which extension activity is appropriate after writing their poem? Choose 2 A. Create a display 2 showcase their poems B. Memorize their poem so they can recite it C. Complete a 5 question quiz about writing poetry D. Practice reciting their poems using inflection 4 a presentation E. Read & discuss poems from another author
What is a physical component of an effective learning environment? A. Establishing behavioral limits B. Deciding on a discipline model C. Implementing a leadership style based on a democratic classroom approach D. Planning transitions between activities & arranging seating according to activity
Which types of activities promote engaged student participation and active student voice? A. 2-way listening and brainstorming B. Emphatic listening and journalism C. Comprehensive listening and note taking D. 1-way listening and independent practice
Which statement describes effective time allocation in classroom setting? Time allocation such as pauses and silences: A. Have common interpretations across geographic areas B. Can be useful to convey minor details C. Signal difficult content to be learned D. Can be interpreted differently among different ethnic groups
Which 3rd grade student would effectively begin a class for an initial lesson on fractions? A. Coloring a worksheet with pictures of pizza and pie B. Completing a learning activity reviewing number placement facts C. Organizing jelly beans by color into piles D. Reviewing and reciting division facts
A student has lived in the US for 4 years and mastered conversational English. He continues to have limited grasp of academic English. The student's science class is studying geology. Which strategy would help his this student grasp the material? A. Give a variety of rocks to examine, ask for reports of findings B. Pairing him with a strong science student C. Using presentation software to present info to the student D. Breaking down the assignment into smaller units
Which instructional strategy is used in development of students' academic language skills? A. Knowledge telling B. Drill C. Mnemonics D. Encoding Specificity
Which TWO strategies are appropriate for keeping parents who are unable to attend conferences informed of their child's academic progress? A. Post students' grades and averages on the class website B. Send class newsletters with photos of students C. Ask the principle to send a letter requesting a meeting D. Call the parents home periodically E. Add notes to report cards
What is an appropriate use of a school-based social networking site for teacher-student communication? A. To converse with students about outside interest B. To learn more about students' parents & their home lives C. To communicate with students about issues with friends & family D. To provide links to additional info on topics taught at school
Which guideline should teachers follow when using the internet as an instructional tool? A. Assign one student in each group to operate the computer B. Allow students to use any website that they've used at home C. Allow students to select their own research sites D. Select activities that are developmentally appropriate
Created by: princeslolypop